Amaya Episode 102 Update on Sunday 10th December 2017


Mariana defends herself to Ulises that she will never love him and that her heart belongs to Ivan. Looking so angry and obsessed, Ulises states that she will be his no matter what but Mariana asks if he plans to rape her to satisfy his desire since he looks so desperate. Ulises then tells Mariana she’ll have to accept to be his woman because if not, he’ll leave Cipriano without a house but Mariana says she won’t pay for something her dad did and he can end up in prison for all she cares. Ulises assures Mariana that if she doesn’t change her attitude and accept to be his woman, she’ll be his prisoner all her entire life.

Max tells Constanza it was wonderful to see their baby, but he admits he still loves Amaya and wished that the baby of Constanza would have been Amaya’s.

Max shows the baby’s ultrasound to Mauro and he looks really happy for his son and he advises him that, a child no matter how it comes will always be a blessing.

In Cipriano’s mind whiles drunk, Dolores appears and speaking to him through her picture frame and she complains to Cipriano for betting their daughter off and he says it’s because Mariana is not his daughter because Dolores cheated on him and that makes Mariana a daughter of sin that is why she has no choice to bet her off and Dolores promises not to forgive him but Cipriano asks her to forgive him.

Genoveva organizes Nescafe party and Chino and his friend arrive with their sound system proving to Genoveva that they are indeed there for work when actually they are have put in place the great plan to rob the Montesinos since Nana Yaw has shown them where the safe is.
Flavia arrives home so she can be with them at the Nescafe party and her mother greets her affectionately and she thanks her mum for protecting her from Ulises but she thought otherwise.
Mariana refuses to eat or drink anything Ulises brings her and says she prefers to die than take anything from such a heartless person like him.
Hotencia comes home to give the rumors circulating around about Cipriano betting her daughter off and so Hector and Chielo decide to call Mariana to see if she is alright but they called and no one answered the phone so they have to leave a voice note on Mariana’s phone. They call Cipriano asking the where about of Mariana but he tells them that is none of their business and Hotencia says then it could be that Ulises has Mariana as payment of the bet. Heriberto then suggests to them that he will have to go to contact his friend who works at Ulises ranch so he can inform them if her boss has anyone hiding in there.
Heriberto goes to see Sonia and she tells him that it seems their boss is hiding someone because everything has changed totally since the boss himself takes the food to that person in the room but she will have to check first if it’s Mariana and after he will let him know. He goes back to tell hector about what Sonia told him and so Hector calls Ivan to inform him about what could be happening to Mariana in Ulises house since he may be having her there. Ivan tells Yaayaa about it and she offers to go with him to “El Paraiso” so he can assist in looking for his girlfriend.
Jorge confesses to Max that he’s in love with Juliana and thinks he’s a good person and so he trusts that he will make his sister very happy.
Manuel introduces Nana Yaw to Constanza and the Montesinos as Genoveva’s son.
Ivan tells Yaayaa that he can’t accept her work proposal to be the manager until he speak with her girlfriend Mariana and this hurt Yaayaa very much but she pretends to be okay with it.
Mauro confesses to Manuel he can’t divorce Lucrecia because of Lucio.
At the Nescafe party, Cesar arrives and he introduces Amaya to the family as his wife as they got married in Las Vegas in a civil way and everyone goes shocked especially Max and this almost resulted in a fight between him and Max but they separate them.
Sonia goes to asks the name of the one hiding in the room and she discloses to her that she is called Mariana and Sonia promises to help her because she has a friend in El-Paraiso who told her that the whole family is worried about her and Mariana asks her to be fast and save her.
Max complains to Amaya for leaving him for his own brother and now he realizes that she never loved him as she said.
Manuel is about to discover Nana Yaw trying to open the safe at Montesinos family mansion but he plays smart and Manuel couldn’t realize it.
Max confronts Cesar for betraying him and ends up crying painfully and unceasingly.
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