Amaya Episode 101 Update on Saturday 9th December 2017


On behalf of Lucio’s well-being, Mauro goes to Cuernavaca to tell Lucrecia to return home, though he does not believe her version about being raped but she tells the family that he begged her to come and she accepted.
Lucio looks so happy but he asks Max to also protect him from Cesar because be threatened him to not reveal to anyone about what he knew about their mother.
Cesar and Amaya arrive in Las Vegas, there he takes her to fly over the Colorado Canyon on a helicopter, to have the advertising presentation and indeed it turned out to be very successful. Same vein, Max does the impossible to speak with Amaya but she doesn’t answer the telephone.
Cipriano intentionally cut his hands and tricks Mariana and attracts her to come home because he cut his hand with a knife and after she arrived, he locks her up and then calls Ulises to take her to his ranch.
Ivan arrives at Yaayaa’s ranch and starts working on the farms and she asks him to do anything that will help the land to flourish in produce and she offers Ivan excellent salary and very good marginal benefits.
Constanza and Max go to see a doctor who makes an ultrasound of their baby and advises Constanza to follow his instructions so that everything turns out well during her delivery, since she suffers a slight placenta detachment.
Mauro goes to see the Lucio’s therapist and he informs her that he looks very confuse because Lucio and his wife’s story has a different interpretation all together and the therapist states that, the subconscious can remember the past but it’s the mind that interprets everything. So, it’s common for a child to confuse something sexual with aggression or with violence. Mauro then asks if it could be that neither of them is lying although their versions are different and that therapist says of course because no one knows what actually happened but all they know is Lucio’s version and his interpretation and that what registered in his mind was that a different man was sleeping with his mum which caused him great dilemma and whether it was forced or intentional Lucio couldn’t figure out.
Cesar tells Amaya that he loves her but Amaya mentions to him that she is still in love with Max and gives her a beautiful dress which she wears for dinner. He then states that he will propose something to her which will change her life.
Mariana defends herself to Ulises that she will never love him and that her heart belongs to Ivan. Looking so angry and obsessed, Ulises states that she will be his no matter what but Mariana asks if he plans to rape her to satisfy his desire since he looks so desperate.


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