Amaya Episode 97 Update on Friday 1st December 2017


At lunch, Max tries to figure out from Amaya her mum and Constanza has something to do with her breaking up with him but Amaya says no but the problem is that, there’s another man in her life and it’s because of him he can’t marry him and Max goes confused. Max refuses to believe that Amaya is in love with another man and he thinks Amaya is lying. On her part Amaya suffers for having hurt him with a bunch of lies so that he doesn’t insist on their relationship and she walks out on Max and Max can’t believe his eyes.
There’s no other solution and Ivan leaves for his friend Yaayaa’s ranch to work making Mariana very sad and it becomes very difficult for them to separate.
Lucio overhears her mum telling Cesar that Florencia already dead and she wonders if Lucio heard that but Cesar says he careless about that because he is even annoyed with her for keeping such secret from him when she had lied to him long ago that she had no idea the where about of Florencia when actually she killed her.
Accidentally Lucio mixes his drawing paper with the result of Cesar’s DNA result and even after pushing Lucio and getting the papers fall, he never realized he had among the papers his DNA test.
Flavia starts weighing the sacks of Ulises Coffee they bought and seriously most the sacks lack about 10% and so Flavia demands a return so they bring back the rightful required weight. Jorge then thinks Flavia is doing a great work because it’s time someone straightens Ulises up and Flavia says she won’t allow him to pull a trick on them anymore because what he did to Ivan is unforgivable.
Upon Ulises having that report from Flavia to fill the coffee sacks to their required weight, he declares war on Flavia when she demands the exact weight of the coffee sacks he sold to the Montesinos.
When Constanza sees her baby’s ultrasound she regrets having thought that it would be better for it not to be born, and to have offered it to Amaya and Max to raise.
Max looks so depressed after the breakup and he look so down and wandering all as far as he can be thinking about the man who could be capable to lure Amaya from him.
Due to the substance Cesar has been spraying in Juliana’s car, she gets dizzy and almost about to run over Valeria and Amaya and Amaya suggests to her to see a doctor and she decides to do so.
Mauro still have the hope to see Florencia in Guatemala and he goes through the rains to find her and after arriving at the hotel, he is only told by his lawyer that Florencia didn’t show up in the guest house either and so he has to go back to the city and will make sure to deliver any information to him in case he see Florencia and Mauro agrees.
Jorge investigates who he saw entering the ranch on the day Flavia had the accident and Heriberto states that it was Cipriano who came to visit Mariana and there Jorge sensed something.
Cesar orders to place flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, and champagne in Amaya’s room in Las Vegas.
Yaayaa goes to fetech Ivan at the bus station and he tells him that he wanted to rent a room in town but Yaayaa says because he is her special friend, he wouldn’t allow him to rent a house but will let him stay in their ranch.
Max tells his mother that Amaya broke up with him and therefore there won’t be any wedding. Immediately Constanza arrives and hearing that she asks why there wont be a wedding and everyone becomes shock at her appearance in the house.


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