Veera Episode 754–755 Update on Friday 1st December 2017


The Episode starts with Dilawar apologizing to the panchayat and says he is regretting a lot. Veera says he is lying, when she went there, he was not drunk. Baldev says panchayat will punish him to end Preeto’s sufferings. He says Dilawar that he has to return the land to Preeto, and give all the expenses for her family and even help them in pind. Dilawar says yes, I will take care of them, forgive me. Veera leaves angrily. The men as Dilawar why did he accept the mistake in the panchayat. Manjeet comes to meet him. He thanks her for her help and her advice has saved him. She smiles.
FB shows Manjeet waking up at night. Dilawar comes to meet Manjeet and tells her the problem. She asks did Preeto did suicide because of him. Dilawar says girls give life for me, and now Preeto did this, Baldev and Veera are after me, help me. Manjeet asks why. Dilawar says he will give her anything. She says Baldev has sworn to get justice for Preeto, he will beat me and tells him that all people are emotional here, if anyone accepts mistake and apologizes, then they forgive the person. FB ends.
Dilawar says its good that they are from same pind. She says yes, Baldev always hears Veera, even if he is annoyed with her. He says we will earn money tomorrow and rule in this pind. She says your enmity is not with Baldev and Veera, its with that Ratan, till she is like the wall, we can’t do anything, she is Veera and Ranvi’s strength, if she moves from our way then Veera will break, and without Veera, Baldev will get weak. He says now I understood, it means we have to make Ratan out of our way, how till this happen. She smiles.
Balwant brings Ratan home and asks Bansuri to get water. Bansuri says Veera is upset and asks Baldev about panchayat. Baldev says it was fine, I punished Dilawar to manage all expenses of Preeto’s home. Bansuri gets glad and praises him. Ratan says I will explain Veera. Bansuri asks about what. Ratan says that Baldev took right decision. Baldev says she wanted Dilawar to get punishment. Bansuri says Veera is jealous, she did not turn great this time. Balwant asks her to go. Ratan says Veera is not able to see Baldev’s right decision. Balwant says we will talk.
Baldev says no, I m her husband, if she is thinking I m wrong, I have to explain her, I will just come. He goes. Balwant smiles and says they both fight a lot, but Baldev became mature, I wish they have love like this always. Ratan says I trust them. Ranvi calls Geet and could not connect. He tells Gunjan about producer giving them a new song. Gunjan says she will sing with him, its simple song, its recording. He asks is she joking, her voice is not ready. She asks do you mean I can’t sing. He says singing needs years of practice.
She says you taught Geet singing in 2 days, you have time for her. He says she sings since childhood. She argues and gets annoyed. He says he will teach her singing, and she says you may have recommended Geet. She says he is always with Geet, she just knows Bhajan and Kirtan, and he is taking her to Ludhiana, tell me you want to spend time with her. He says you are blaming your husband, who did not think about anyone, and Geet is your Bhabhi. She says I know why she came in this pind, she did not get Baldev and got after you, you came in her trap. He asks her to shut up. Geet sings well and that’s why he sings with her, he thought Gunjan trusts him, her thinking is so small, she thinks so bad about him. He leaves crying. She cries and says he talked to me like this just because of Geet, I will tell Baldev how she is ruining my life and he will kick Geet out of my life.
Baldev sits making lassi infront of Veera and asks her to have it. She refuses and it falls. He gets shocked. He calls Jaggi and asks him to get 5kg curd to make Veer happy. She asks you think I will drink so much lassi. He says she will throw glasses and he will keep making it. She says it fell by mistake. He smiles and says he has understood one thing, that they fight a lot and still they should not stop talking. She talks about Preeto and Dilawar. He explains her decision, he has put all expenses on Dilawar. She asks how can he trust him, will he manage their expenses, how can we be sure?
Veera talks to Baldev and romances. Mahiya…………….plays…………… He gets close to kiss her.

The Episode starts with Baldev pacifying Veera about Preeto’s matter solution he gave in the panchayat. He says he will see Dilawar if he goes against his promise. She asks will Preeto get fine. He says yes, I m sure she will be fine. She says she is in coma, people don’t get well for years. He says this time this won’t happen, as you and I are together, when we are together, everything is fine. He makes her have the lassi and she smiles.
Ranvi comes to meet Deepu. He asks about Geet, why is she not taking the call. Deep says Geet is very dad, Dadi scolded her and Geet is crying. He asks where is she. She says terrace. He goes to meet Geet at the terrace and she tries to avoid him. She says Veera is not at home. He says I came to meet you. She says she will never sing from today. He asks why is she saying so, Deepu said what happened here. Geet asks what did she say. He says that Manjeet has scolded you, you can’t ruin your life if she says, I will explain her. Geet asks him to promise he won’t talk to her. He asks why, what happened. Geet says I m tired, I can’t make her more annoyed, I can’t hear more taunts, I will not sing, you can go.
He says you are my friend, and she was singing for Deepu’s future, I can’t see you living in fear. She recalls Manjeer’s words and moves his hand away. Deepu says Dadi always scolds, why is she upset. Geet asks her to be silent. Deepu says she likes when her mum sings. Ranvi asks Geet not to scold Deepu. Manjeet comes and asks whats happening here. Veera hugs Baldev. He says she is looking sweet in the white moustache. She sees the lassi marks in the mirror and asks him to clean it. They romance and she runs. He catches her and holds her close. He kisses her. Gunjan comes and coughs seeing them. She smiles and says sorry, I will come later. Baldev says I was seeing her eyes, something went in her eyes. Veera says I will get lassi.
Gunjan thinks Baldev is looking happy for a long time, I should not tell him about me and Ranvi’s fight. She says she has just come. He asks whats the problem. She says everything is fine. He gets a call and goes. Veera brings lassi and gives her. Gunjan says she is glad seeing their patchup. Veera says even I m glad, I want things to be fine. She says Ranvi and you never fight. Baldev comes and Gunjan says she has some work. She leaves. Baldev tells Veera that he felt Gunjan is worried. She says maybe what happened on stage made her upset.
Ranvi explains Manjeet to let Geet sing, she sings very well, she can come to studio and see. Geet says Deepu was asking me to sing, but I told her I won’t sing. Manjeet asks why, Lord gave you a good voice, why are you refusing to sing, can’t elders scold kids, do you not scold Deepu, it does not mean you leave to be happy. Manjeet acts and thinks in FB how Dilawar dropped her home. She sees Ranvi and Geet together on the terrace and gets angry. Dilawar says if we have to fail Ratan, we have to make her roots weak, let Ranvi meet Geet, when Ratan knows that Ranvi is culprit, what will she think, Ranvi’s clear image will be tarnished. Manjeet thinks Dilawar said right, she should encourage Geet and Ranvi.
Deepu says she will go with Ranvi and Geet. Manjeet says she will take care of Deepu. Geet and Ranvi get glad to take Deepu and he hugs Deepu, saying he will take Deepu to amusement park. Manjeet smiles as things are going as her plan. Baldev and Veera come to Preeto’s home to see Dilawar gave them money or not. Preeto’s daughters tells them that Dilawar has come with money and toys, but Dadi said he is a bad guy. Biji scolds Dilawar blaming him for Preeto’s state, she will never forgive him. Dilawar gets angry. He sees Veera and Baldev in the mirror and starts his acting. He says he will pay the hospital bills, he has paid the school fees of the kids, why does she not trust him. Biji scolds him.
Ranvi says he will leave now and come to pick Geet and Deepu. Manjeet says she has to talk to him. He says yes, say Tai ji. Manjeet says she has seen Geet upset, she married in 18years, became mother in 19 years and widow in 23 years, she does not stay happy. She asks him to keep Geet happy and he agrees smiling.
Gunjan scolds Ranvi for going with Deepu and Geet, and blames Veera to bring Geet in their life. Baldev and Veera hear this shocked. Baldev gets angry and holds Ranvi’s collar asking him not to hurt Gunjan, else he will not leave him.


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