The Impostor Episode: Update on Thursday 30th November 2017

Valentina talks Blanca to believe that Adriano is innocent of the charges he is being accused of since try trust him.

The police have a lead on the whereabouts of Valentina just then Raquel sends her men to go after Blanca to eliminate Valentina.

Ramon stops Adriano from willing his money to Raphael since he cannot be trusted.

Katelina packs out of the house since she no longer loves her husband Cristobel.

Blanca calls off her engagement with Edwardo before Raquel.

Adriano threatens Ivan to protect Blanca from Raquel or he will expose him.

Would Raquel accept ridicule from Blanca? Would Ivan do as requested of him by Adriano?

Would Valentina find her way out and find Adriano? Tune in@8pm.

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