My Sweet Curse Episode 27 Update on Thursday 30th November 2017


Camilo doesn’t give up on his idea of the welcome party for Aurora, so he goes to see Ponciano to ask for his help and upon Tobias hearing that Camilo wants to throw a welcome party for Aurora, he looks so happy whiles eavesdropping their conversation.
Xochitl tells Epifania about all the things that have happened at Los Abedules and how Aurora showed her true colours to her telling her that she had pacts with the dead and therefore can kill her with a gaze and also not only that she adds that she even saw smokes coming from her nose, and seriously Xochitl greatly exaggerates her account very well.
Maximina and Altagracia call Jeronimo on the phone to tell him that lately they’ve seen Epifania a lot around the Police Station and that they don’t think it’s proper for a young woman to be doing that since she is his girlfriend.
Maximina and Altagracia get surprised when Corina comes into their store wearing an orchid, and now they wrongly believe that Onesimo is also courting Corina.
Tobias tells Aurora that someone in town wants to throw a welcome party in her honor and begs her to accept the invitation, but she tells him that first she has to find out who is organizing it and why.
At the kitchen, Rodrigo tells Aurora that sometimes love is so near that we don’t see it and when he is about to kiss her, Monica screams in pain and they have to rush to the room and when Aurora tries to apply the home remedy on Monica’s leg, Corina refuses to let her touch Monica but Monica kicks her out and allows Aurora to apply the remedy.
Aurora tells Rodrigo that she would go to the welcome party, but he tells her Camilo is the organizer, and that he is the same man who hired an exotic dancer and promoted her under the name Aurora Sanchez but he promises to always be there for her and he will never leave her alone.
Dionisio grows furious at his son Tobias for being friends with Aurora Sanchez but after his wife disclosed to him that Aurora is staying with Elsa who is also her godmother, he then likes the fact that Tobias is friends with Aurora only after he learns that she lives with Elsa and Rodrigo because he realized it will go in his advantage.
Aurora and Rodrigo start to plan something to try to rescue the milk producers who are been threatened by competition against imported milk.
Rafael snoops on Monica through her window and he became jealous upon seeing that Luis is with her reading a love story book to Monica.


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