Love Oh Love Episode 226–228 Update on Thursday 30th November 2017


EPISODE        226       –        228

Meanwhile, Anjali too learns that her son secretly married Avni without their knowledge after seeing their certificate couple with the divorce papers and demand an answer from her son. A flabbergasted Raj admit it to them that he got married to Avni in Umahgao. Vikram and Anjali couldn’t believe this and wonders what to do. Raj is confused as to how the information regarding his marriage with Avni had reached Avni’s family. Later, Avni enters Raj’s house and uses her marriage to Raj to seek revenge on him and his entire family. She show him the divorce papers that he had earlier send to her house which make her family to disown her and made it clear to him that she will not sign the papers and should be prepared to see the worst of her. She then tears the divorce papers into pieces and throw it in the air. Both Raj and his entire family are shocked to see Avni behaving in such manner. Avni fulfils the rituals that a new daughter-in-law has to undergo when she enters her husband’s house. Seeing Avni in action, Raj and his parents are shocked. Later, Madhuri enters the house and sees the red footprints in the house and gets shocked.

At Raj’s residence, Avni behaves rudely with Raj and makes him sleep in a separate room, she gives him his pillow and sheets, and throws him out of the room, and he too leaves angrily. After Raj leaves the room, Avni locks the door, she is shocked with herself and breaks down into tears. She prays to the lord, to keep giving her strength like this so that she can avenge her family’s revenge.

The next morning, Avni comes down and finds Raj sleeping on the couch, and eyes him sternly, but is taken back to the memories of their pre-wedding promises to each other. She is angered, and eyes the water kept in the jar, and then taking it with venom, she wakes up Raj by throwing a jar of water on his sleeping face and is angered to see her there. He asks her what nonsense is this. She wishes him good morning. He says that there should be a limit to nonsense. She says that this is her loving nature, and soon he will get habituated to this. She faces him in consternation and leaves. Raj eyes her angrily too. She then decides to fulfil the first ritual as the newly wedded wife and starts working in the kitchen, she cooks the first meal of the house, she knowingly mixes black pepper in the food although she is aware that Raj is allergic to it and tells the family, about this ritual of first rasoi, and how she wants to make them all breakfast, and starts taunting Madhuri too of her culinary skills. Madhuri asks Avni to stay in her limits. Avni says that she has right over the house, being the daughter in-law, more than Madhuri as she is the daughter. Anjali and Madhuri are shocked. Avni tells them that if they tried anything, then she would call the police, and tell them that she is being tortured by her in-laws, and then relieves them that she wouldn’t do anything like that and hence they should prolong this arguement and asks them to wait as she would serve them breakfast. They storm out, while Avni smiles. She serves them all on the breakfast table, and when they don’t eat, she taunts them that she has not mixed poison in it. They start eating resignedly, and Avni smiles. Vikram says that he doesn’t know what’s the point of her staying here. She says that she and Raj have a mutual connection, and consented for this. She asks Vikram for the neg. He starts taking out money, but she says that she doesn’t want money and especially not their blessings, and it’s enough for her to finish the breakfast. Raj takes a bite and starts coughing badly. They all get tensed. Vikram calls the doctor, as Raj continues to cough. They holler for Avni and she confronts them asking what happened. Anjali asks her what did she mix in the food, and Avni asks if he has any allergy. They point out that he is allergic to black pepper and Avni says that she mixed it in it. Madhuri is shocked that Avni intentionally mixed it. Avni says that she forgot his love and hence his allergy too. Jashan gives him medicine and Raj heaves a breath of relief.

As Raj is out for fresh air, Avni comes to him, asking how scared they all got, and that she can’t mix posion in his food, and that she won’t mix it, even if she got, as she would have killed him long back, but she wants him to be tortured like hell, to avenge his brother’s death, and ruining their family. Raj tells her that he has shown her good side, but she shouldn’t force him to bring out his evil side. She asks him to bring it on, as she is not scared of him or anyone else, as she doesn’t have anything to lose, but he has plenty, and that he should be scared of her, as she has been stripped of everything, and hence can be very dangerous. She leaves, and Raj is shocked seeing the drastic change in his love.

Later, Raj and his family discuss about Avni and his ulterior motive to be here. As Raj’s manager comes with stacks of materials, they all wonder as to who ordered for them, and they are shocked, and Raj is frustrated when he finds out that it’s Avni who ordered for them. Avni gets down and asks them to get to work. Raj asks if she is having a party. She announces that there’s going to be a party for the newly wed bride, for the munh dikhayi rasam. Raj and his family get shocked when they learn that Avni has planned for her own ‘muh dikhai’ function by herself without informing about it to anyone. All are tensed. Anjali says that there won’t be any party. Avni says that they will come soon, and hence they should stop sulking and get ready. Raj asks if she wants to embarass them in front of his friends. Avni asks if he is ashamed of his lawful wife. She excuses herself, citing that she has to be dressed as she is the one they are all coming to see. Virat wonders how Avni has a drastic makeover and decides to add oil to her fire.

At Sukey’s residence, Bhavna too is praying, when Suket gives her the medicine, asking her to remember that Avni won’t return and if she does, he won’t let her step in the house. She asks him if he is the same person, who boasted of loving Avni the most and taunts him if the love was so short sighted, and points out that there’s no difference between him and her father, as they never understand the daughter and their love. Suket asks her to rest as it’s getting late. She says that in four days, she lost her son, due to god, and her daughter due to him, for whom his anger is paramount, and the only permissible punishment is throwing them out of the house, and when Avni needed them the most, he stripped her of her family’s love. She makes it clear to her husband that if anything happens to her daughter, she will never forgive him. She storms out while Suket is tensed.

The next morning, Bhawna works agitatedly in the kitchen, when Buaji asks why is she working alone. Suket stands in the hallway, and listens to Bhavna lamenting that now she has to do all the work, as Avni is gone, and Buaji would leave soon too. Suket is tensed. Meanwhile, someone comes to meet Suket and then hands him a parcel, from Rajasthan, that Avni has been honoured for her contribution to Umahgaon and it’s labourers. He asks how proud he must be of his daughter and asks them to attend definitely. He leaves. Suket is angry as he receives an invitation for Avni. The servant tries to hesitatingly tell Suket, that they have lost Abhay, and now should they lose Avni too. Suket is tensed.

On the road, Suket is tensed and calls up Devika, asking if she knows where Avni is, as he feels very guilty. She tells him that Avni has gone to Raj’s place, and he is shocked.

At Raj’s residence, as the party begins, Raj and his family put up a brave face, and mingle with the guests while they keep asking for Avni. The sound of the trinkets attract everyone’s attention as she descends down the stairs. Raj and his family are tensed. As Avni comes to them, every person gets chattering about the latest tension in between Avni and Raj’s family, and still Avni being the daughter in-law of the house. She asks them to forget everything and bless the married couple, and she takes everyone’s blessings. To save face, Anjali has to comply to Avni’s request. She takes Raj’s hands and leads her to the place where they will perform the ritual. They sit. Avni discusses with Raj, that everyone got to know of their secret wedding, and now they have become the laughing stock of the town. She says that she is thoroughly enjoying it. Anjali performs the puja, while Suket comes to Raj’s house to meet Avni and sees Avni and Raj being blessed by them. Suket is shocked as he sees Avni taking part in the ‘muh dikhai’ function with lot of happiness and he assumes that Avni is happy staying away from home, as other guests perform the puja too. Suket leaves the house, angry. Avni sees her father in the house just in time to find him leaving, and gets distraught. She thinks that her father misunderstand her again and asks herself to compose herself, as a day would come when they would all understand her and forgive her too.

Virat mixes wine in Avni’s soft drink and gives her. She takes the drink, and after drinking it, Avni begins behaving in a strange manner. The guests discuss as to how they have such a big heart, to adapt the girl who went to all limits to defame and malign their respect. Avni starts behaving embarassedly and starts to insult Raj’s family before all the guests in her inebriated rant, one by one, first with Mahduri and her husband staying at their maternal house, then Anjali who in her version destroyed Arpita’s career out of jealousy, and Vikram, who blamed his mother for everything, whereas he too was at fault. Raj and his family are frustrated while Virat is amused. Avni continues to ruin Raj and his family’s reputation. Raj gets the scent of alcohol, and is shocked, and immediately forcibly takes Avni away from there to his room while she keeps protesting.

He throws her a pitcher of water, and she clings onto him, in her inebriated state, and makes her sleep in his arms. He resignedly tucks her in bed. As he turns to go, he finds his hand on Avni’s, and is shocked. He wonders what’s going on, as they couldn’t live an instant without each other, and now they can’t stand each other, hence he feels suffocated. He is tensed.

The next morning, Avni wakes up in the morning with a severe hangover and headache, and remembers her interaction with Raj, last night. She finds her saree taken off, and herself in a change of clothes, and wonders how her clothes got changed, and wonders if Raj did anything wrong. She is about to get up, and gets the idea that Raj mixed something in the drink, and then take advantage of her inebriated state. Raj comes in, and she starts slapping him, reprimanding him for his misbehaviour. Raj says that he didn’t do anything, as he hates her so much, that he is not intersted in neither seeing her or her body, and is disgusted by the mere thought of it. She asks about the change of clothes. Raj clarifies that Madhuri changed them, as he hates her and is not interested in touching her. He leaves, while she is tensed.

As avni comes down with the hangover, Virat pretends to be concerned and says that this was to happen due to the alcohol that she took. She asks him how does he know she had alcohol. He tells her that everyone saw the way she behaved drunk last night. He instigates her by saying that Anjali take back her revenge, of Avni’s insult to them, by making her a joke in front of people. Virat says that it’s rightfully said, that all’s fair in love and war and then leaves. She decides to take revenge on Anjali, in the similar manner and to teach another lesson to Raj’s family. She dials a number and begins talking.

At the breakfast table, no one is willing to eat, when Avni comes in apologising profusely, and saying that she wants to do penance. All are confused, as she heads to the kitchen and then ignites the burner, and starts warming a knife on the flame. Raj and his family are shocked. He gets up to save her from this madness, but Anjali stops her saying that she would handle this herself. They all try to get her out of this madness. In that scuffle, Avni puts the flaming hot knife on her hand in the scuffle, and then Anjali snatches it away from her. Avni, who plans a plot sees the police constables coming in, and is please that Raj’s mother, Anjali easily gets trapped in the plot. She blames Anjali that they are doing this to her. The police comes in on the pretext of domestic violence. Anjali is shocked to find the knife in her hands, while the police starts reprimanding them for their gruesome behaviour. They don’t believe as Raj and his family try to prove their innocence, as evidence goes against them. Madhuri and others convince Avni to tell the truth, while she stands speechless. The police take Anjali away while all are shocked, and distraught.

At Suket’s residence, Arpita returns home, and finds Bhawna distraught, and cries before Bhavna as she learns about Abhay’s death and about Avni leaving the house while Akshat stands tensed. A tear escapes Bhavna’s eyes. She says that what’s supposed to happen will happen, but she believes in her worship, and that Abhay went away and she couldn’t do anything, but she won’t let injustice bemeted to Avni, and will fight, and the goddess will have to favour her. Akshat is tensed.

The next morning, Bhavna continues to show her anger towards Suket for sending Avni away and intentionally keeps Avni’s plate, telling everyone, that she can be thrown out of the house, but not from her heart, and that she would always be her daughter, despite people throwing her out, when she needed them the most, hinting at Suket. Suket asks if she thinks he is a bad and merciless person, and that they should support Avni. He tells her as to how he went yesterday to search for Avni, and then
reveals that he had gone to bring Avni back but finding Avni happy with Raj at Raj’s place and fucntion yesterday, he had to decide against it. All are shocked. Bhavna refuses to believe this, as her Avni can’t do anything like that and decides to meet Avni personally. Suket says that Avni is hell bent on ruining theirs, and settling her new family now. He throws the plate away and all are tensed.

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