Love Happens Episode 70–72 Update on Thursday 30th November 2017


EPISODE        70      –      72

Raghu, who is surprised to see Bhola donning a formal suit, urges him get back to his original self. However, Bhola tells him that he does not wish to go against Isha’s wish. Later, Isha instructs Bhola to keep mum, while she introduces him to her friends saying that Bhola is her French boyfriend. However, soon Bhola’s reality is revealed and Isha becomes a laughing stock for her friends. Bhola too is hurt with all this and chides Isha for trying to change his identity. Meanwhile, Aanya gets shocked when Rahul’s ex-girlfriend turns up at the event and passionately hugs Rahul. Raghu is shocked when he sees Bhola crying. Bhola narrates the whole incident and also tells him that Isha had snipped off his lock of hair. Raghu gets furious and decides to reprimand Isha for this. However, Aanya assures him that she will talk to Isha in this regard. Aanya then confronts Isha and tries to explain her that that she has hurt Bhola’s sentiments. However, she is taken aback when Isha accuses her of being selfish by playing with Raghu’s feelings and marrying Rahul just because of his wealth. Isha walks away leaving Aanya lost deep in thoughts. Aanya meets Raghu and urges him to take her away from there. Later, Isha shocks everyone by informing that Aanya has eloped with Raghu.

Soon the news of Aanya missing spreads like wildfire and all the reporters begin to question Mittal and Rahul. However, Mittal controls the situation by asserting that Aanya has just gone out for a walk as she was feeling stifled. Meanwhile, Aanya and Raghu go to a nearby tea stall and talk about all the fun they had in the village. Aanya tells Raghu that she will miss everyone in the village, including his buffalo. After spending some quality time together at the tea stall, they both realise that they have to go back to Rahul’s place for the engagement. While returning, Aanya stumbles and injures her leg and asks Raghu to lift her up and take home. Raghu reluctantly obliges only to find an infuriated Rahul waiting for them.


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