Doli Armaano Ki Episode: Update on Friday 1st December 2017


Scene 1:
Location: Jhansi working women’s hostel
The warden sevrely reprimands both urmi for getting the security guard and the guard for coming where its prohibited and then warns urmi to follow strictly the rules of this hostel, if she wants to stay here. urmi complies. she gets her stuff inside, and reveals shaurya in one of the bags after she arrives in her room. Shaurya asks urmi if they are scared of kids, that they dont allow them to stay here. she asks him to be quiet as she would just get something for him to eat. Just then, the door starts being knocked, and shaurya himself suggests a hiding place, and asks urmi to get the door, while he hides under the bed. It turns out to be a senior, who starts bossing her around, and urmi starts complying. Finally the girl introduces herself as meena, and then says that she was just joking around. she asks urmi to come down to have dinner. But she says that she would come after setting the room. She finds a baby’s toothbrush, and urmi distracts her, saying that she maybe got mixed up. But she pesters on, and says that she would stay here while she does the room, and then they can go down for dinner. Seeing that she wont budge, Urmi asks her to come along for dinner then, and meena asks her to close the door. urmi asks her to go ahead and then she would follow with the door being closed. urmi tells shaurya to stay under the bed, while she goes and gets the dinner. shaurya complies. urmi leaves and closes the door after her.
Downstairs, urmi starts getting candid with other hostel mates, while inside, she wonders how to eat if shaurya doesnt eat, who’s super hungry. meena asks why isnt she eating, as from her plate it looks like she took the food for two people instead of one, and it doesnt look like she would be able to eat it all. urmi says that she doesnt feel like eating, and that she would take the food in her room and eat it later. meena informs her that it isnt allowed to take food in the room. urmi is shocked. meena solves her problem saying that she would arrange something. urmi is happy. she then gets two more ladies, and manages to sneak in a plate of food, from the mess to urmi’s room successfully. As she tries to invite herself in urmi’s room so that they can chat, urmi refuses abruptly saying that she is too tired, and would go to sleep, after eating. Meena is tensed and suspiciopus of her strange behaviour. she finds her selfish and decides never to help urmi again. Inside, urmi and shaurya have a hearty meal, and after that she instantly begins to run after shaurya who takes to playing. She gives him water, and then feeds him more, with as usual running after him. as he tries to shout, urmi again silences him.
Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
samrat keeps getting frustrated at the detective’s idiotic questions, and tries to give point to point instructrions to him. He starts interrogating samrat, and it continues to frustrate samrat, who asks him to find out where’s urmi. Rudra asks samrat whats all this, and that he cant force urmi to come home if she doesnt want to. samrat asks who’s she to leave him, and that he would find her out. Shashi asks him to call the police and tell that urmi ran with the kid. but samrat says that it would bring them bad fame, and silences her from making any other stupid descision.
Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
All are tensed, while devi and granny eat. asha asks them all to eat, but gaurav, saroj and annu are super tensed. gaurav lashes at devi and granny, for being so callous that they can actually eat, while urmi’s missing. devi says that if she has decided not to keep contact what can they do, as they arent her enemies. gaurav says that they actually did behave so, and they thwarted her off, that she doesnt even want to converse with them now. devi and granny remain undefiant. devi says that he doesnt want to maintain relation with such a girl. Gaurav asks what kind of a father he is. devi is unfazed. gaurav says that he may do whatever he wants, but she would always be a sister to him, and they shouldnt forget that. gaurav leaves. Asha is tensed. saroj and anu are distraught.
Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
The next morning, samrat finds a negative update from the detective, that he hasnt managed to find out anything. sam,rat gets impatient saying that he doesnt have time. He cancels the phone in anger. shashi and rudra go down for a funeral, while samrat sends them off, thinking that death makes all come together, lamenting and taunting the institution of deal and funeral ceremonies. then he suddenly gets struck with an idea, thinking that when someone dies, all far and distant relatives go for grief. Samrat thinks that this is the perfect way to get urmi to come out, and thinks that now when one of her own dies, only then will she come out of her hiding. He smiles evilly. the screen freezes on his evil face.
Urmi tells Shaurya not to be naughty and gives him guidelines what to do or what not while she goes to work. He tells her not to worry much, he’s grown up now. He will be okay. She’s ready to leave, but Shaurya asks her if he can also go along with her. She reminds him that he has to stay hidden from all. He tells her to go. Urmi goes out, but is still not satisfied. She hears voice from within to listen to her heart and her heart thinks all will be okay. She goes in and gives a tight hug to Shaurya. Shaurya reminds her it’s her first day and she will be late. Urmi finally leaves.
Samrat calls someone and asks to print Urmi’s Dadi’s death news. Shashi comes to him and asks if any news about Urmi. He gets mad as she always thinks about Urmi. He asks if she did work that he gave her about Aditi’s abortion. Shashi says she couldn’t do yet. He tells her to do fast as that house is not for snake’s eggs. Aditi hears it.
Gaurav is mad at Asha. She tries to make everything fine, but he shouts at her for ill-treating Urmi. Asha says she was doing it for Urmi only. Asha’s mum comes there and tells Gaurav to think about his job instead Urmi, their child is coming. Gaurav tells her to stay as a guest there. She doesn’t need to interfere in their personal matters and she doesn’t need to give advice to him for raising a child. He’s responsible enough. He leaves. Asha agrees with Gaurav. Her mum gets annoyed with her for agreeing with Gaurav all time.
Shaurya starts messing the room and runs in there. He doesn’t eat lunch either, and instead eats all chocolates that Urmi left.
Aditi comes to Amrit and informs him she’s pregnant. He gets happy thinking to make their child a pass to enter Samrat’s house. She further informs that samrat wants her to abort and she doesn’t want it. He supports her. She says she will leave that house and move with him. But he tells her he doesn’t want their child to born in this bad condition, and suggests her to stay in Samrat’s house for a while. He will think of something. She asks what she will say to Samrat till then? He doesn’t want child at all. Amrit thinks of something and smiles.
At work, Urmi is continuously hoping shaurya to be okay. She keeps getting a call from Gaurav. She finally picks up and tells him they both are okay, but she can’t tell him where they are. Her boss comes and tells her personal calls are not allowed while they are on duty. She apologizes. He gives a magazine or something and asks her to cut ads related to their hotel. She sees scissor and remembers she left one on table in her room. She fears Shaurya may have done something wrong.
She arrives to her room and is shocked not finding Shaurya there. Shaurya was hiding behind curtain and surprises her. She cries and asks him whether anyone does with their mum, she was so scared. He says he won’t do again. She then sees his face full of chocolate and lunch on table only. He tells her he wasn’t hungry. She asks if he does like this, then how she will be able to go to work. He promised her he’ll help her. He promises her he will eat and won’t be naughty. Urmi hugs him and says they will eat together today.
Later, she comes down. A girl leaves seeing her. Urmi sees news about her Dadi’s death in newspaper and is shocked. Other hand, Samrat is happy and thinks now rat will come out of her hole and this time he won’t spare her. He will take rat in his fist and no matter, she won’t be able to get out of it.
Precap: Urmi promotes the new show of Zee TV, Neeli Chatri Wale.


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