Veera Episode 752–753 Update on Thursday 30th November 2017


The Episode starts with Ratan telling the inspector about the sahukar who made Preeto helpless to commit suicide. He denies everything. Veera cries and tells the truth, how he has kept the condition infront of Preeto. The sahukar says she is trapping me with this story. Veera says she has slapped him for the same and scolds him. Baldev and Ranvi get angry on him. The sahukar says Veera is lying, and speaks against her that she went against the sarpanch too to win. Baldev beats him and inspector stops him. He asks him not to take law in his hand. Baldev says if anyone says anything against my wife, I can’t bear it. Veera looks at him.
The inspector says truth will come out when Preeto gets to senses. Baldev says yes, then the truth will be out. Ratan says we all the truth, and Preeto will confirm it, and pind will not leave him. Preeto’s Biji thanks Ratan and Veera, and asks everyone to go home. Veera says I will not go. A man says he will stay here, doctor has kept Preeto in general ward. Veera says she does not wish to go her and leave. Ratan says it will be good if we stay here one by one and take responsibility.
Gunjan recalls the insult faced in the function and gets sad. Ranvi comes to her and says about Preeto. She says about her insult on stage and apologizes to him, as she did not wish to make people laugh on him, she just wanted to give him surprise. He says its not your mistake, it needed much courage, you helped me when I was singing alone, I should thank you. She asks why thanks. He says its not imp that everyone does everything good. Gunjan thinks if Ranvi knows I have locked Geet in room, then….
Everyone sleep while sitting outside the ward. The sahukar comes and says Baldev is liar, he was hating his wife and today he has beaten me and sided with her. He says Preeto will not get conscious till morning. His goon asks but how, they are guarding her. The doctor tells Biji that Preeto got conscious and is taking Ratan’s name. He says she can meet her in morning. The sahukar says Preeto will tell everything to inspector, we have to send her to Lord today. The man calls Ranvi and tells about Preeto getting conscious. Ranvi says its great news, I will come with mum and Veera in morning. He calls Veera. Ratan dreams that Preeto is calling her for help and wakes up worried.
Ratan tells Ranvi that we have to go to hospital now itself to see her. Ranvi says she is fine now. Ratan says I feel something bad is going to happen and insists being restless. Ranvi says fine, we will go. Ratan says call Veera there. Baldev, Veera and Balwant are on the way. Veera says why did Biji call me now, she got scared by a dream. Balwant says I know her well, she will never do anything without a reason. Baldev says once Preeto gives statement, no one can save that sahukar.
The sahukar sees the man going to bathroom and Preeto’s biji sleeping. He goes to Preeto and tries to suffocate her. Baldev tells Veera that he is feeling very bad, trust me. Balwant smiles. Baldev asks Veera to forgive her, as he wants to change. Veera says fine. Balwant asks them not to affect pind by their fight. They both agree. Ratan and everyone come there and they rush to see Preeto.
They are shocked seeing Preeto and think she is sleeping. Ratan asks them to call doctor to check her, as she feels Preeto is not sleeping by the injection effect. The doctor checks her and says she went in coma, and asks them to go out, till he does the checkup. Veera cries seeing Preeto and asks her to get fine.
The Episode starts with Veera saying she will give her statement against the sahukar. Everyone pacify her, that they also want justice and explain her. Veera asks Baldev to help Preeto get justice. Baldev and Ranvi explain her that he can’t do this, else people will say he is favoring his wife. Veera blames Baldev and Ratan scolds Veera saying she is wrong this time. Veera asks Baldev to do something. Ratan says we all are seeing how much he is regretting. Baldev says he can beat sahukar, he can kill him and go to jail, if she feels the punishment is less. He leaves.
Ratan comes to Baldev and says she knows what he is thinking. He asks her to say. She says you love Veera a lot, and there is much tension between you, you feel if you don’t agree to her, she will be more annoyed, and you are regretting for not helping Preeto, you know you can’t get sahukar punished by Veera’s statement, its tough to choose between truth and justice. He says they should be together. She says it needs proof to turn truth into justice, you are sarpanch, you have to decide, you won’t be anyone’s husband or son, your duty is towards pind. He says if she does not like her decision, she will not forgive me.
She says you also thought this about her, but you have forgiven her, as you both love each other. She says she will explain her, and promises him. He says I have one more fear. She asks what. He says I understood Dilawar is a creep, and he can say anything to Veera in panchayat, I can’t stop myself. Ratan says you will be just sarpanch, you break his lies and tangle him in his words, the truth will be out and Preeto will get justice, tomorrow panchayat is not for Veera and sahukar, its just for Preeto.
Dilawar drinks wine and says what wrong did he do if he made deal with Preeto, he will end all the drama in panchayat tomorrow. Baldev comes to meet Preeto and asks her to wake up to do justice with him. He asks the nurse to be with Preeto, don’t leave her alone, nothing should happen to him. Geet smiles seeing Deepu singing Jogiya song… She smiles and talks to him. Deepu asks about her dad, did he used to sing well like Ranvi, was he better than Ranvi or is Ranvi better. Manjeet comes and hears them. She asks Deepu does she like Ranvi. Deepu says he is the best. Manjeet asks does he deserve to be your dad. Geet asks her what is she saying.
Manjeet asks what did she teach him. Geet says he is my Guru. Manjeet says she knows the relation between young guy and girl, if they spend time together, and now this Deepu is comparing him with my son. Geet says she is mistaken. Manjeet asks Deepu did Geet ask her to call Ranvi as her dad. Deepu says no, she did not tell me and runs. Manjeet hurts Geet by holding her hair and asks her why is doing so much makeup, just to win Ranvi, did she forget she is widow. Geet says so what, shall I stop living, I m singing for my daughter and my happiness, don’t I have right to stay happy. Manjeet says you have right, so I was making you marry Baldev. Geet says you were breaking his good marriage. Manjeet asks is she doing right, she is breaking good marriage of Ranvi and Gunjan.
Geet says we don’t have any relation like that. Manjeet says Gunjan can’t give child to Ranvi, she sings so bad that he gets insulted, don’t act innocent, and scolds her. She leaves and Geet cries. Baldev addresses everyone in the panchayat and tells what all shameful thing done by Dilawar. Veera gives her statement against Dilawar and tells everything to them. She says she was proud that the pind is safe for women, and this sahukar has brought bad name to our pind, I just wants to say he should be severely punished, else his courage will get high.
Baldev asks Dilawar will he say anything to defend himself. Dilawar says no, I just want to apologize, I regret to see her in this state, when she came to ask for help, I was drunk and does not remember what I told her, I did mistake and I should get punished. Everyone is shocked.
Manjeet tells Dilawar that his real enemy is Ratan and Dilawar plans to move Ratan off his way to make his work easy.


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