Timeless Love Episode 24 Update on Thursday 30th November 2017


showing  monday-friday [7:30pm] on #GHOne

Inez and her husband are getting the bad news from the Dr, about their son, and his Leukemia and they are asking the Dr, how this could happen, and if there is any hope for their son.

Fina is on the phone with Roberta’s Dr. about her EKG and her test (Telenovela laws state that there is no Dr, Patient confidentiality)., and wants to know if it’s serious, he says he is not an expert but it does not seem serious, but he will talk to her more tomorrow.

Augustin, is consulting about having some jewelry made for his future wife. I wonder if he has checked with Renata about this yet?

Kari, and the Padre are visiting with Mati and Lazaro at the hacienda, they have great news for them. Lazaro is very cold to her, then they tell Mati and Lazaro that they will be able to keep their jobs right there at the hacienda. Lazaro is less than thrilled he is happy for his sister, but he won’t work for her or her husband.

Dr,Creepy (aka Alvaro) is chatting with a hottie who he obviously knows, she is flirting with him and gets his heart racing,before leaving him standing there.

Mati, Kari, and the priest are discussing Lazaro and can’t understand why he is being so difficult and stubborn, Padre says he is arrogant. Matias tell them that she will talk to him, Kari says not to worry he won’t change his mind.

Roberta is at a nightclub with her friend, Roberta says’s that Rafa is no longer a part of her life, but her friend reminds her that he always will be because of the baby. Roberta gets snippy and orders a double tequila, much to the dismay of her friend.

Renata is getting ready to go out and Fina walks in, brrrrr. She wants to give her a bad time about embarrassing Matias at his party, Renata assures her that he is not bothered. She accuses her of making everything about her, Renata rushes out and Fina accuses her of dressing to provocatively and then proceeds to call Gonzalo to complain about Renata and he tells her this is not the time and that he is busy, but she plays the family card and he tells her he will talk to her soon, he hangs up and seems worried about Renata.

Renata’s car has broken down and so she calls Jero to let him know she is stuck, he asks if she needs help and she say’s no she called for roadside and he insists, that she tell him exactly where she is.

Inez and Isidro and talking about their son and he tells her not to forget what the Dr. said there is still a chance.
Roberts shows up in her car drunk, as Jero shows up and Renata signals him to keep driving and he does, but Roberta thinks she saw him, Renata tells he no that she is drunk. She takes her keys and tells her that she will take her home and they will get the other car tomorrow.

Inez and Isidro are telling their son about his illness, that his blood is not okay and that it won’t be easy but they are together and they will be okay!

Renata is trying to get Roberta in the house quietly, but Roberta is not making it easy. Fina sees them and gets mad and sends Roberta to her room, and tells her to drink some coffee.

Carlos is cooking in the kitchen talking to Jero about family and then Jero gets sad about not having a family anymore, Carlos asks about Renata and he says basically he doesn’t know about either of them, he still won’t budge on the hacienda , but Carlos reminds him that they are always friends, no matter what.

Back to the boys room more talk about his illness and how they will get through it. He asks if he will die they say no. He say he does not want to die he loves them very much.They assure him he will recover.

Matis is trying to reason with Lazaro and he is not changing his mind he will not work for Alvaro or his wife, he won’t do it, she begs a little more, but he won’t budge

Fina and Renata put Roberta to bed. Fina stays behind and yells at Roberta about drinking and her condition. Roberta shoos her away.

Renata texts Jero and apologizes for missing their plans and he understands and tell her they can meet tomorrow and and he says yes sends her his address so they can meet at the apartment, then they flirt a little and send kisses through the phone.

Back to Isidro and Inez thanking God for being in this together. They love each other and will get through this

Roberta is apologizing for last night to Fina who is not having it, but Roberta tells her to relax and Fina drops it but starts grilling her about Renata, and what she was doing. She was confused that she was all dressed up,but Matias was in Monterey, then Roberta flashes back to the driver of the car and is sure it was Jero, Roberta is starting to put the pieces back together, Renata walks in and asks how she is doing, they ask her what she was doing last night and she tells them she was with friends, but Roberta is not buying.

Renata is back in her room, and goes to shower and in sneaks Roberta who sees her cell phone on the bed and just has to check it out, she gets a shock when she sees the messages from Jero, about their date. Someone is madddd.

Jero and Carlos are giving there condolences to Isidro about their son, he then talk to them about the hacienda and Jero’s plans to sell, Carlos is still trying to get him to keep it.

Roberta is on the phone with someone, saying she needs to see them right away and that she will be waiting for them. Roberta is thinking about how much she hates Renata, that Jero is hers and that she can’t break up two friends like Matias and Jero.

Adriana is talking to Horario about visiting with her and her mom, he says that her will check with Constanza and then he will stop by.

Gonzalo calls Regina (to many R names) to check on her and she gets very happy to talk to him. He says they will be meeting soon and that is really looking forward to seeing her, she smiles and says she is too.

Roberta is at the pool and she is complaining about guess what?? Right Renata is responsible for everything, She is talking way to fast and I missed most of it, but basically Renata is not as innocent as everyone thinks, she is coming between Jero and Matias, and Jero and Roberta.

Carlos and Jero are talking at the apartment, Carlos wants to know what what his plans are is he going back to Spain, and what does he feel for Renata, Jero tells him he can’t leave yet and that he doesn’t know what he feels for Renata. His feelings for Renata are much more strong than anything, so Carlos asks him what he is going to do about the necklace and his plans.

Adriana and Renata are talking about Matia’s and Renata asks her if she has feelings for him, she swears she doesn’t because Renata is her friend and she wouldn’t do that. Adariana asks her if she has feelings for Jero, Renata explains that it’s tough because she feels bad for Matias, plus he and Jero are friends.

Jero is holding the necklace, remembering the words of his brother about his bonita, and he can’t believe that of all the women in the world they have to fall for the same one. Why Why Why?

Regina and Antonio are meeting at the church to talk about their future!!!

Horario confronts Diego and tells him that he knows he was the one who dropped the pictures and that he is going to pay for is. Diego tell him that he was not alone and that he had Roberta as an accomplice. Okay that was the most exciting moment tonight!!!

Augustin delivers the jewerly to Renata, after some flirting she looks stunned, and won’t accept it, because they are just friends and it would be confusing.

Matias informs Gonzalo he is returning to Mexico!!

Renata arrives at Jero’s apartment, Jero is drinking his wine and swears that his revenge is for him and he decides that Bonita is Renata, oooops well I guess if he got it right we would not have a show, thank goodness for dumb men who jump to conclusion!! Roberta and Matias show up shortly after Renata and go upstairs. Renata rings the doorbell and as Enrique and Juan Luis serenade them they slowly come together for a kiss, as ding the elevator opens and a very shocked Roberta and Matias are looking on!!! Busted next time get inside the apartment first, then kiss.

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