Timeless Love Episode 23 Update on Wednesday 29th November 2017


showing  monday-friday [7:30pm] on #GHOne

Fina slaps Rob and tells her she’s on board with Rob getting rid of the escuincle. Mom says Rob is a complete dumbass and from now on Rob had better do exactly what mommy dearest says or else. Renata overhears them talking about how much they hate Gonzo and Renata who is just like him.

Dr D has midnight fantasies about the bodacious Alfonsina.

Renata waits for Fina in her bedroom because she brought dinner up for her sick/slashed mom. Nata asks if everything is OK with Rob and mom says she never has any problems with Roberta. Nata finally leaves and Fina gives her an epic stink eye.

Lots of crying between Ines and Regina over Andrecito having leukemia. Regina tells Ines to hang tough and they will all stand by her side.

Nata tells Adriana that Matias needs a good woman, someone like Adri for example.

Antonio goes to a joyeria to purchase a special ring. He seems impacted by the fetching saleswoman, but then later he tells the air that both his and Regina’s lives are about to change.

Augie brings a huge bouquet of flowers to Nata at work and asks her out to lunch. Somebody watches her get into her car. As she drives to lunch a big white SUV cuts her off and Jero steps out of the car. He doesn’t look happy like “oh my love I cancelled my trip for you”, instead he looks pithed off.

After the commercial he looks happier. Sez he couldn’t get her out of his mind, she changed his life. She: Roberta is my sister. He: Matias is my friend. They kiss, not terribly thrilling but it was sweet. He sez he’ll call her and he drives off. Gosh she looks happy.

Sele and Rob are guess where? I’m not even gonna say it. Rob bitches about having to have an ECG before her procedure. Rob still can’t seem to forget Rafa, boo hoo.

Honorio and Adri have a special bonding moment at work, then he shows her a sketch of the guy who rented the helicopter. Does she recognize him? Yep, it’s Diego! Adri fills Don H in on the background of Diego and Nata, basically she never led him on and he’s a creep.

Speaking of which, Diego the Dud has joined Rob at The Club and they snicker a lot about everyone thinking Nata is a slut.

Augie is getting impatient and he calls Nata at work. She finally shows up and I just noticed her blouse is very sexy. He has more flowers for her, also some good wine, but she’s preoccupied. He wonders what’s up?

Jero visits Regina and wonders why she’s holding her side. He tells her he came back because he wanted to take care of Rafa’s biz. Gina calls bulls**t on him and he admits he came back for Nata. Love or hate? Love he sez. Toldja so she sez.

Matias frets about Nata so Gonzo sez he’ll call her. OMG, she has such good manners; her phone rings and she asks Augie if he minds if she answers, it’s dad. Nata blabs that mom cut herself in a kitchen accident (hee) and then she asks about Matias. Dad sez he and Mat love her.

Nata tells Augie that she dumped Mat because she met someone else. I’ll bet Augie thinks he’s the one, LOL. He excuses himself to make a call and she texts Jero to meet her at 9:00 that night.

A present arrives for Regina. It’s a box with a ring, then Tony walks in, he wants her by his side for life. Is she up for it? Oops, her look says no. She tells him she can’t accept it, she’s not ready. He tells her just accept it as a ring then, signifying the possibility that they could “be”. Sounds lame to me.

Alfonsina is in the vineyard giving a pruning tutorial. I think she says something like only women are capable of pruning the vines gently. Dr D shows up to leer at her bodacious ta-tas. She tells him she wants Matilde and Lazaro to stay at la Bonita. He looks all put out but since he’s totally kitty-whipped I imagine he’ll put in a good word to Augie for them.

Yep, sho nuff Regina agrees to keep the ring. She gives Tony a platonic peck.

Fina takes a pistol out of the family safe and thought bubbles that she failed the first time but now she’s going to send Gina to the tomb.

We get some great overhead shots of Ensenada and then FrankenDoc runs into his house to tell Kari that because she asked he’s decided to keep Lazaro and Matilde at La Bonita. In fact she can tell them personally. Just one thing, she’s got to make it clear he’s the new boss and they have to respect him. I didn’t think I could hate that jerk any more than I did but I do.

Augie tells Nata he doesn’t have a lot of friends but he sure likes her. She sez she’s got one friend, Adriana, and now Augie too. What an odd conversation.

Isidro and Inez visit the doctor about Andresito. Something about a bone marrow transplant I think.

Jero recalls the passion that is Renata. He’s kind of a dud though. Where’s the passion dude?

Fina calls some doctor and unfortunately Tivo cut off the rest so I don’t know what happened. Did anyone else get it?

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