The Impostor Episode 65 Update on Wednesday 29th November 2017

Raphael reveals to Katelina who is actually the brain behind Ramon’s misfortune.

The Altamira’s mourn their beloved father and grandfather.

Raquel asks Blanca to leave their place for a while to prevent her meeting George at the funeral.

 Katelina accepts before Cristobel that she is in love with Ramon.

George goes to visit his friend and to ask of forgiveness and just when Ramon would think of an answer, George tells him the worst.

Raphael tell Adriano what Ivan is dealing in with the shipping company.  Would Blanca be an ally with Raquel to reach Valentina?

Would Valentina be there to mourn her father? Would Katelina over confront her father for imprisoning Ramon?

Would Blanca forgive Adriano now that Mr. Leonadis is dead? Tune in@8pm

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