The Color Of Passion Episode 24 Update on Thursday 30th November 2017


We were left last episode with the cliffhanger of Nazario’s memory loss, he doesn’t remember why he was at the factory when the fire broke out. Fortunately he remembers people and names, but not what happened right before the fire. Trini wants to talk to Dr. Esquerra about this so she gives her a call. Sara calms her down, she tells Trini that it’s a result of the lack of oxygen to his brain during the fire, and that it’s a temporary condition, the parts of his brain that control this memory just need stimulation and that this lack of memory is completely normal. A relieved Trini ends the call.

Trini sits by Nazario and brings up the past, Adriana, he remembers, but not the accident that ended her life, so that is recalled, and then on to Rebeca….

Speaking of Rebeca, she comes home to an angry Nora for not meeting her for lunch, and has her own flashback of her conversation with Magdalena when they were younger, Magdalena accusing Rebeca of being in love with Alonso, and Adriana overhearing it. And then of a later memory when she cuts Adriana out of a picture with Alonso and kisses the Alonso half of the picture. Back to present, she admits to herself she has loved Alonso for a very long time, but it’s gotten her nowhere, Alonso will never feel for her, what she feels for him.

Magdalena and Trini are sitting outside when Dr Sara brings Nazario out to sit with them. They are helping to stimulate Nazario’s memory, and this time Magdalena talks about the time that Ricardo stood her up at their wedding. Sara is hearing this for the first time. We are brought back to those scenes, I won’t repeat here, we all know what happened. Sara takes her leave, they wonder if Sara is acting a bit tense over the story, (I think it’s safe to assume Sara has some back story of her own about Leti’s father that may be affecting her), and Naz asks Magda if she ever knew why Ricardo stood her up. Magda assumes he had another woman, she recalls the phone call to the house later when he calls and she and Rebeca pick up the phone at same time, she hears Rodrigo saying “I’ve been waiting for you for long time, and if you’re not here in a half an hour, I swear I’m going to come look for you.” She then runs to ask Rebeca what that was about, why was he saying that to her, but Rebeca claimed to not have any idea why or what he was talking about.

Meanwhile, Rebeca remembers her recent conversation with Magda asking Rebeca to drop all the animosity and start from scratch in their sisterly relationship. Rebeca admits that she’s been the worst sister evah! recalling how well her plan to come between Magda and Ricardo worked, and her promise to Ricardo she would end up with him, even though she had no intention of ever doing that.
And in present time, Rebeca says aloud that it was her fault what happened to Adriana, just as Alonso walks in behind her to overhear. He asks what was her fault? She is startled, but quickly recovers and says that it was her responsibility to make sure Adriana was safe and sound, and she let her down. She forgot to mention that she also pushed her over the railing too. Alonso relieves her of her guilt, she’s as much to blame as he is for leaving on a business trip when it happened. He takes his leave to see Nazario.

Just as Alonso leaves, Rebeca brings back the memory of her last argument with Adriana. Adriana knows everything about Rebeca’s involvement in Ricardo and Magdalena’s break up. Rebeca said she was only trying to help Magda, she knew what kind of skunk Ricardo was, and she broke them up on purpose to spare Magda future heartache. Adriana then asks her to leave the house, and Rebeca goes into Adriana’s room, finds the jewelry box with a note from Alonso to Adriana, and swears she’s not going to leave, then picks up a picture of Alonso and starts to kiss it. Just then Adriana walks in and asks what kind of freak is she, she took Magda’s fiancé away from her, and now she wants to take Alonso away from Adriana. Rebecca finally admits that she didn’t want her sisters to be happier than Rebeca, who has no one. Both sisters married, and Rebeca alone. She’s not going to permit that. She needs Alonso, she’s in love with him. Adriana slaps her, Rebeca cries that if Alonso had picked her instead of Adriana, Rebeca would be pregnant right now instead of Adriana, with a baby that she hates with a red hot passion. Rebeca follows Adriana out to the hallway, saying over and over how much she should be living Adriana’s life right now, Adriana trying to get away, they tussle at the railing, and the rest is history.

Trini is also remembering back to the time Adriana died, it was so strange how it happened, everyone assumed that Adriana felt faint and fell into the railing that then gave way. This triggers the memory in Nazario when he was on that business trip with Alonso, and he got a call from Trini telling him of the accident and he had to tell Alonso. And we are privileged of having the view of young Alonso without a shirt on, mmm, mmm.
We are brought back to present time with the doorbell ringing. Alonso has stopped by to see how he’s doing, and they both admit to taking a trip down memory lane and arriving at Adriana’s death.

Back to present time and Marcelo is wondering to himself why Lucia is acting so differently towards him. Uh oh, now we go back down memory lane to his convo with Lucia when she gave him the cold shoulder after his mother talked to her, ending with her explaining why, ‘you have your commitments’. He’s left dumbfounded.

Lucia comes to the hospital and runs into Magdalena. Magda fills her in on Nazario’s memory issues and wants to talk with Lucia. They go into a private room and Magda tells her that she was thinking a lot of Lucia today because she was thinking about the day she was born.
Lucia was like a breath of sunshine on such a cloudy period of time when she arrived into the world. She saved Magda and Alonso from the extreme sadness they were experiencing at the time. And Mags is also thankful for Rebeca stepping in to take care of Lucia while she grew up. Lucia starts to cry and Magda wonders why? The story wasn’t meant to be sad, but Lucia tells her that’s not why she’s sad. She’s sad because she found out that she can’t trust Marcelo after all.

Marcelo arrives home, Mom is laying down to help get over her slap on her pride, and Rafaela told Marcelo to give up his vengeance plans, they will just eat him up. No he won’t, he tells her, and he takes yet another trip down memory lane where he is with Federico, who is telling him about his girlfriend Adriana Murillo, and then when he discovers Fed dead. He tells Rafaela that he’s not leaving Puebla until he avenges his brother’s death. At the same time, Rebeca is recalling her last conversation with Fed and his death.
No cliffhanger this time. The end.

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