The Color of Passion Episode 23 Update on Wednesday 29th November 2017


Milagros flips out on her son: How dare an adult single man develop feelings for an adult single woman without consulting with his Mommy first? How dare he ditch Daniela to follow Lucía? Marcelo says he has no commitments to Daniela. WE WERE ON A BREAK! Besides, there is nothing between him and Lucía anyway, so get off your pulpit, Mother, and spare me the sermon!

Lucía informs Magdalena that she has just had a talk with Rodrigo outside church and she felt nothing. She doesn’t love him but she doesn’t hate him either. It’s as if what he did to her ceased to hurt as much. Magdalena thinks this is a good sign. It means that Lucía is opening herself up to other possibilities, to the prospect of falling in love again. Lucía proclaims that she will never fall in love again! Hardy har har har! Give it a few days, darling! A couple of scorching smooches from the Fetching Papasito and Auntie Maggie will be collecting you off the floor with a teaspoon!

Alonso enlists the help of Dr. Sara Ezquerra to conduct medical tests on Nora. The overgrown brat would never agree to psychiatric treatment. Therefore, for the time being, they could start by running some tests to rule out (descartar) any physical causes for her frequent malaises.

When Nora learns that she has to undergo some medical tests, she starts whining that her father doesn’t think she is as good as perfect Lucía. In the end, she lets herself be persuaded. Rebeca takes over the whining: Why resort to Dr. Ezquerra precisely? Why allow that their daughter’s health become a subject of gossip all over Puebla? Alonso puts his foot down: Nora will take those tests with or without Rebeca’s approval. End of discussion. Rebeca yields.

The next morning, Rodrigo confronts his father for hitting his mother last night. Amador weasels his way out of it and turns the tables on Brígida. The smack she received was well-deserved because she humiliated her husband and her son by making a scene in Marcelo Escalante’s apartment.

At the fábrica/factory, Lalo assures Marcelo that he didn’t leave the warehouse’s door open on Saturday. He locked it before leaving. Marcelo shares this information with Don Nazario. They both suspect foul play but they agree to keep their doubts to themselves until they can corroborate them with tangible proof.

Amador agrees to return to work but his image in front of the employees needs to be restored, following the humiliation he endured on Saturday. Alonso tells him that he won’t fire Marcelo, instead he’ll make the young man report directly to him. That way, the interactions between Amador and Marcelo will be reduced to a strict minimum. Hopefully, with time, the two of them can smooth things over (limar asperezas).

At Casa Gaxiola, Lety tells Lucía that she saw Rebeca last night dining in a restaurant with a handsome young man. Tere announces that Lucía has a visitor. Milagros introduces herself and slaps Lucía hard across the face for getting involved with a man who has commitments (compromisos). Lucía slaps Milagros right back for getting meddled with people she doesn’t know. Milagros calls her an uppity ho. Lucía tells her she has no interest in Marcelo or his commitments. Now, get your raggedy a$$ out my house! Lucía is ticked off that Marcelo is hiding a wife or a long-term girlfriend and that his mom came to verbally and physically assault Lucía in her own home. Lety teases Lucía about the love-hate relationship (amor apache) she has with Marcelo: “Oooh! You like him!”

Lalo spots Amador and Vinicio chatting outside the fábrica. When he asks what Vinicio is doing there, the latter replies that he was asking the gentleman that has just left (Amador) for the time.

Magdalena visits Casa Gaxiola to enquire about Rebeca’s health. She learnt that her little sister had to visit Mexico City to see a doctor. This has her worried. She doesn’t want to lose the only sister she has left. She loves and cares about Rebeca in spite of their strained relationship. They mustn’t cut all ties between them because Adriana wouldn’t have liked that. They are both moved to tears during this exchange and so are the viewers.

Lucía bumps into Marcelo outside Casa Treviño. She greets him curtly and he is taken aback by her sudden change of attitude. Why is she treating him this way? Must he earn brownie points and strive for her recognition (hacer méritos) every single day in the hope that she would treat him decently? Lucía says she is very grateful to him but it’s best if the two of them keep their distance. She has her life and he has his “commitments”!

Gloria, the reduced-fat-reduced-vitchiness version of Nora, is circling around Sergio. He, on the other hand, is still down in the dumps over Nora. He has decided not to tell Lucía the truth about her sister’s betrayal, but warns Rodrigo against getting involved with Nora again!

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