My Sweet Curse Episode 26 Update on Wednesday 29th November 2017


Rodrigo and Elsa explain to Aurora that they don’t think she is crazy, but that maybe she needs to see a psychologist that will help her deal with all the bad things she has been through and she tells them that she is fine and that she just needs to talk to Father Basilio and Elsa thinks that will also be a good step.
Camilo goes to Los Abedules with the intention of speaking to Aurora to tell her about his plans to organize a welcome party in her honor at “El Huateque”, but Rodrigo is the one who talks to him and he tells Camilo that he can’t speak to Aurora because she won’t even come to that party.
Ponciano tries to convince his daughter Gloria that her husband Dionisio is not a good husband to her, nor a good father to Tobias and so she should leave him, but she says that she won’t leave him. Quickly, Dionisio arrives and upon hearing that Ponciano calls him a good for nothing man, he gets into a fist fight Ponciano.
Severo threatens Aurora in town and she tells him that if he dares threaten her again by coming into the ranch, she will file charges if he ever bothers her again but Severo asks her to do it because he never came to the ranch to scare her.
Monica pretends being injured by a cow in order to hog Rodrigo’s attention and seriously with the good heart of Rodrigo, he falls for the trap and takes her to a hospital.
Rafael wants his mum and Elsa to make amends with each other but Apolonia tells Rafael that she doesn’t want to have any business dealings with Elsa because of what happened between them, and Rafael wants to know what exactly happened to cause them apart but she doesn’t tell him the whole truth.
Camilo asks for Father Basilio’s help to convince Aurora to go to the welcome party, but Father Basilio turns him down.
Xochitl tries to pester Aurora, but she turns the tables around when she tells her that she has a pact with the dead and that she can even kill her with just a gaze from her and seriously, Xochitl becomes so afraid and runs out of the kitchen.
Maximina and Altagracia think that Epifania is Onesimo’s love interest and that she is cheating on Jeronimo that is why she has that flower Onesimo bought on her chest.
Camilo doesn’t give up on his idea of the welcome party for Aurora, so he goes to see Ponciano to ask for his help and upon Tobias hearing that Camilo wants to throw a welcome party for Aurora, he looks so happy whiles eavesdropping their conversation.


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