Love Oh Love Episode 223–225 Update on Wednesday 29th November 2017


EPISODE       223      –      225

At Avni’s residence, the pre funeral rites begin at Avni’s place, Avni and her entire family takes part in Abhay’s final rituals where they all pay their last respects. Just then the police reaches there and informs them that they had found a wallet at the scene of the crime.  They adds that their doubt was right, and is also sure that Raj is responsible for this murder as they retrieved Raj’s wallet from the crime scene. The wallet is that of Raj’s and seeing this all get surprised. Both Avni and Akshat are shocked too. Avni is distraught, as the police says that all evidences indicate that Raj is involved in the murder. Just then, Raj arrives at Avni’s house, but she stops him at the threshold, asking how dare he come here. But Raj is disturbed and walks in and tries to lament as to what happened. But he is shocked, and stunned when Avni slaps him in front of everybody, and accuses him of being the culprit. Avni accuses Raj that he killed Abhay, and that he is a murderer. She later asks the police to arrest him.

Raj desperately tries his best to explain to Avni that he was not the killer but Avni does not listen to him and continues to slap him. He is shocked, as the police too give him the evidence that he was involved in scuffle with Abhay. He is shocked. Avni remembers the catering fiasco, and says that she is a witness to Raj’s threats to Abhay earlier too. Raj is shocked. Avni cries on Akshat’s shoulder. As Raj tries to calm Avni, Akshat says that he will kill him, and not let him hurt his family anymore. He later begins beating Raj in front of everybody but the police try to keep them away. Raj is taken in constraints. Savri Bua’s husband asks Akshat to calm down and not act rash, as he has to take responsibility for his family now while Raj goes to each of the family members, trying to convince them that he is not the actual killer. He first rushes to Suket, pleading for innocence, and then goes to Bhawna, but they both stand still-shocked. Suket finally screams at the police to arrest him. Raj continues to beg desperately to be given a chance to speak, but in vain. Raj is shocked, and Avni asks the police to arrest him. The police finally take Raj away with them while Raj is shocked, as he is being taken away by the police. Avni breaks into suket’s arms. Raj continues giving justification but to deaf ears. Virat is amused to look at him, being taken away by the police. Moments later, Avni’s ‘dadadji’ ( Yetendra)  excitedly arrives at the house, and he starts ranting excitedly about his journeys and expeditions, which happened due to Abhay and he is completely unaware of the death of his grandson Abhay. He thinks that he wants his grandson to get married, and is overexcited to meet him. Savri’s Bus tries to tell him, but he doesn’t pay heed. Buaji ( Yetendra ) comes in excitedly, he sees Abhay’s body lying on the ground and is left stunned and disheartened. He collapse on the floor and all go to comfort and compose him, while he is in a daze, refusing to believe what he sees. He breaks down on his dead body. Buaji asks who did this, and Avni sternly replies that it’s Raj, and he is shocked to hear this. All remember their interaction with Abhay especially their moments with him and their fun moments. Avni drops her favourite Rabri ( sweet ) besides Abhay which her brother normally give her and recalls those lovely moments with him. As they take the body away, Bhawna breaks down and doesn’t let them take Abhay away, but somehow is controlled by  Savri Bua and Avni, while the men take his body out for the last procession and Yetendra support his son Suket in lifting Abhay’s body along with Akshat and the ladies of the house are left at home. Moments later, the men come back after the completion of the funeral rites. All sit down in front of Abhay’ garlanded picture. Buaji is shocked that he believed Raj, and he destroyed them, and he curses the moment he came to their life. Avni rushes out in anger.

At Police Station, Raj keeps protesting behind bars, that he didn’t kill Abhay, but the police thinks that it’s general. The police finds Raj’s phone ringing, and he picks up the phone, saying that Raj has been accused of murder and is in custody. The police further tells Raj, that all evidences go against him, even though he might plea hard.

While on the road, Anjali is shocked to know that Raj has been arrested for murder charge, but wonders for whom. Virat says that they will get to know when they reach there. They pay their respects from the car, while seeing Abhay’s funeral procession pass by. Virat asks her to hurry to the police. They comply and drive off.

At the Police station. Raj’s entire family reach the police station. Raj pleads to his mother Anjali, and she believes him. She questions the inspector, and is given the same angle of the evidence pointing to him, and that Avni’s family blames him. Anjali and Vikram are shocked. Virat tries to instigate them all the more. Raj says that one thing is clear, that he didn’t kill Abhay but someone did, and Virat is alert, as he wonders who would it be. Virat tries to point that someone from his college, who he had enemity with, must have done it. The police asks them to leave, while they keep pleading and protesting that they wont leave without Raj but the police do not release Raj at any cost. The other guards throw his family out, while Raj is distraught. Raj thinks that he is not hurt that he has been accused, but is more hurt that Avni could actually believe that he could kill her brother. He thinks that he would have to meet and talk to Avni, to make her believe that he can’t kill Abhay. He keeps requesting the police inspector to let him call or meet Avni once, and the inspector starts getting frustrated. He smiels as he finds Avni coming in, hoping that she finally came to see him. He says that he knew that she would come to meet him, while she looks at him in anger. She asks the inspector if Raj agreed to the crime. When he denies, she asks to make Raj confess to the crime somehow, at any cost, by any means, within any limits. Avni goes to the police and tells them to show no mercy on Raj, till he confesses to the crime. Raj is shocked and distraught, at Avni’s request. The investigation begins, while raj refuses to accept that he killed Abhay. Later the police go on to beat up Raj ruthlessly while Avni herself is at the police station and pretends to be unaffected. Raj shouts and tries to prove his innocence asking Avni to ask herself if he can kill Abhay, as she knows him and that he can’t take anyone’s life, and that she has to believe him. But Avni decides to ignore Raj and pays no heed to him, she then turns around, requesting the inspector to keep hitting and beating him, till he confesses to the crime. She turns and walks out, while he keeps hollering for Avni, unaffected by the way he has been beaten. He falls unconscious.

When he gains consciousness, Raj is disturbed and tensed, in the jail, while Avni, too caters to the family’s care, and is distraught when everyone refuses to eat. Suket tries to make Avni eat but she refuses, and so does Raj, when he is given the jail food. Both Raj and Avni push their food plates away at their different place. Avni runs from her parents’s room to her room, she completely breaks down and keep rolling left and right on her bed. Raj eyes the blood on his hands, and reminding him of the vermillion with which he made Avni his wife, and she too eyes the mangalsutra of their marriage, and tries hard to take it off, but is not able to. Both are distraught.

Still at Avni’s residence, Suket’s family is still mourning the death of their son Abhaas and while all lament Abhay’s death, and curse the people responsible, just then they are shocked and enraged to find Anjali and Vikram coming in to pay their homage to the departed soul to pay their final respects. Bhavna allows them to do so although Savri Bua and others are against this. Anjali tells Bhavna that she can understand what she must be going through right now, having lost her son. Bhavna asks them to leave, as she doesn’t want his soul to be in unrest, due to their presence. Anjali says that her solace is with her, and yet thats highly insufficient to salvage her pain. She says that her son is innocent, and is not capable of commiting a crime like this. All are enraged. As both Anjali and Vikram try to explain to Suket and Bhavna that their son is innocent, but in vain. Vikram then says that years ago, he lost his family, and he come back and form another one with much trouble, and asks them to have mercy on Raj. Anjali says that she has come here to share their pain. Avni, screams at her, unable to take the pain any longer. Avni tells Anjali that she came just here for Raj. Vikram tries to speak, but she shuts them too, and asks them to get lost. All stand tensedly. Avni asks them not to have even an inch of hope that Raj would be out of bars, as he would spend the entire life, in jail, living a life worse than death. They leave silently. Avni breaks down.

At Police station, Vikram and Anjali discuss with Raj as to how Avni, who’s so simple and clean hearted, has turned into such a cold hearted stone. Vikram assures him that he would arrange for the best of lawyers. Raj refuses to sign on the bail papers and says that he doesn’t need any lawyer, and they are shocked. Raj adds that he doesn’t need independance and that he would be ruined here. She breaks down while Vikram asks him not to worry. Raj tells them that he wants to talk to Avni alone, and this is his wish, and if they can, they should do this. Anjali tells him Avni’s attitude to him, but Raj who desires to speak with Avni for once, personally is adamant on his wish, threatening that if that doesn’t happen, he would confess to the murder in court and then spend his entire life in jail. They are shocked. Raj is highly tensed and in tears.

At Avni’s residence, the next morning, as Avni and Akshat are talking, she gets emotional remembering Abhay too. Akshat consoles her, saying that he also wanted to go for the immersion of the ashes. Avni says that he has to stay here to get the revenge for Abhay. Akshat says that he has come here for that only, and the lawyer will arrive any minute. Virat goes to Avni’s house and says that no lawyer will come here, as he has taken all the big lawyers in his side, to prevent Raj. Both of them are enraged, as he says that he had no other option. Virat provokes them to beat him up saying that Abhay, with his anger brought this on himself, and maybe he attacked Raj, and in that scuffle, as a preventive measure, Raj may have accidentally thrown him off the cliff. Avni shuts him up, asking how can he talk so callously. Virat tries to bad mouth Abhay, but Avni slaps him asking him not to dare say anything against him. Akshat too gets enraged, and slaps him, beating him and he throws him out of the house. Akshat leaves, while Virat leaves for his car evilly, thinking that this is what he wanted all along, and then tears his shirt too, and beats himself, trying to pretend in front of Raj, that Akshat did this to him.

At the Police station, Virat later goes to the jail to sees Raj and instigates him about what Avni and her family did to him and shows his beaten up condition to Raj and moreover how they insulted his father Vikram. Raj is hurt listening to this. Virat tells him to sign the bail paperes assuring him that Avni won’t come. Raj is convinced that she would have to come. Just then Avni arrives and Raj is shocked when he finds Avni storming in, and gets overwhelmed. Avni comes and faces Raj j. He says that he knew she would come. She says that she had to. He thanks her. Raj asks Avni to look in his eyes, and she will be convinced of his innocence and know that he didn’t kill her brother. Virat, hurt and bruised himself, watches from the other side. Avni continues to misunderstand Raj and says that she knows the truth and that she again be trapped in his pretense simplicity, his friendship and his love, for the sake of revenge, and doesn’t even deserve to be called a human, as he went to the extent of murdering Abhay, her brother. She says that he is a culprit and she would see to it that he is punished. Raj is shocked, while Virat is amused. She says that he is a curse in her life, and she would make him pay for his sins. She storms and walks out, while Raj is enraged. Virat faces Raj too and asks him what he thought of bail. Raj finally agrees to sign on the bail papers. Virat is amused, and says that he has all the formalities ready.

At Avni’s residence, Avni reaches home, and is shocked to find Raj calling her from behind. She turns around and faces him stoically. Raj says that she may have thought of doing certain things, and gone the way she wants to, but how does she plan to deal with their relation. She asks which relation, as the relation was a part of his lie, which is over now, and that she doesn’t bear any relation to them now. She storms inside, Raj thinks that these wounds will heal with time, but the wound that she gave by calling their relation a betrayal, will never heal.

Inside, the family tearfully starts performing the puja and the last rituals. Akshat informs his father Suket that Arpita couldn’t come yet as her tickets weren’t confirmed. Buaji and Avni are making Bhog in the kitchen, when Bhawna walks in saying that she will make it. Avni tries to take over. But Bhavna says that Abhay loves paranthas and sabji made by her, and hence she would do that for the last time as well. All gets emotional. Bhawna remembers feeding Abhay and is distraught. They begin with the puja, and when Bhawna tries to give the Bhog, she get too upset and leaves.

At Raj’s residence, while Anjali is tensed that Raj is not picking up the phone, Virat says that Raj may have gone to Avni’s place, but Vikram is convinced that he won’t commit the same mistake twice. Virat too wonders where could he have gone. Vikram calls Raj and asks where he went. Raj Who try to fin out the real murderer tells him that he has come to meet a detective, to find out who killed Abhay, so that he can prove his innocence. Virat is tensed hearing this, and asks him to leave this on him. But Raj says that he would have to do this himself. He disconnets the call. Virat thinks that before his truth is out, he would have to do something that will keep Raj so distracted in something else. He gets an evil idea.

White on the road, Akshat is enraged to find Virat standing on the road, and asks him how dare he confront him. Virat tells him teasingly that he got Raj out on bail, and their plans got crashed. Virat instigates Akshat that he may beat him up, but he won’t even be able to hurt Raj an inch. Akshat is instigated and says that he would kill Raj. He gets in his car and drives off, while Virat stands amused.

At Raj’s residence, Anjali and Vikram discuss the recent events, and how Raj needs his space. They are shocked to find Akshat coming inside. Akshat is in a fury, and tries to search for Raj, despite vikram telling that he isnt here. He finds Raj’s picture, and is about to throw it on the ground, when Vikram stops him, and says that he understands his pain, but he won’t let him misbehave. Akshat, in anger grabs him by the collar. Anjali asks Akshat to let go of him. She goes to dial their number, when Akshat says that when the murderer can get away, then so can he, and that he would avenge his brother’s death, and asks Vikram to tell Raj, that he won’t spare him.

When Raj returns, he is enraged to find what had happened in his absence. Raj says that Akshat would have to pay the price for what he did. He walks out in anger, saying that he will have to pay the price. All are tensed. Virat walks out too. Raj tells him not to interview him. Virat shows Raj his marriage certificate, and asks him, how can Avni not trust her own husband, and tries to point out how Avni had also come with Akshat, and was with him, in mistreating Vikram. Raj says that he doesn’t know what’s happening recently. Virat tells Raj that this is a lifelong relation, and if that can’t be, then what is the point of this marriage. Raj agrees that actually the marriage doesn’t make any sense. He leaves. Virat smiles.

At Avni’s residence, Avni says that she knows he loves her very much and wherever he is, he should be happy. Savri goes inside to get water for the birds, leaving Avni alone. A jeweller comes and gives something to Avni, along with a letter, that Abhay had booked for her, and wanted to give to her, but since he couldn’t, he himself came to deliver it. Avni breaks down and starts hallucinating Abhay, who comes and sits beside her, and says that he will always love her. She says that she wouldn’t have ever loved, had she known that her love will take him away. Savri comes and finds her crying. She comes to console her, and Avni is taken out of her hallucination. Savri finds the mangalsutar, and cries herself when she finds that Abhay gave it to her, thinking that he wanted her to get married, but couldn’t. Avni takes it, and eyes it emotionally.

All are performing the puja, when Bhawna distraughtedly breaks down and Avni composes her. The mangalsutra slips off Avni’s hands. They are all surprised to see it. Savri picks it up, saying that this was his last wish, as he wanted to see avni getting married, and living her life happily. Buaji takes it, and tells Avni that he will fulfill Abhay last wish, and that this is his topmost priority. Avni is shocked and breaks into tears at their dilemma. Just then, a lawyer comes in asking for Avni. She introduces herself. The lawyer gives her a packet. The lawyer comes in with divorce papers, at Avni’s place, and all are baffled. Suket and others get shocked when the lawyer enters their house with divorce papers asking Avni to sign on them and is pronounced a married lady by the lawyer. Buaji clarifies that Avni is not married and what nonsense is this. The lawyer tells them that Avni is married to Raj Purohit, and is serving her divorce papers, and that this is not a joke. While Avni is stunned and embarassed, the entire family is shocked. Suket is confused as he still does not know that Avni and Raj had secretly married each other. Suket and Akshat ask Avni. She breaks down saying yes, which enrages and angers them all the more. Sensing the sentimentality of the issue, all the guests leave. Suket asks where, when and how did this happen. Avni has no other option but to bring the truth out in the open and tells them how they had got married, and under what circumstances, as she narrates the entire story. All listen dumbfounded and shocked. When she does so, Bhawna slaps her tight across the face, asking how could she do this, despite knowing everything. Akshat asks how could she do all this, and that she defamed them completely, as she is the wife of the biggest enemy to the family. Avni cries helplessly. Suket too gets furious with her and reprimands her. He leaves, when she tries to talk to him. Buaji tells her that she has embarassed them completely, and especially her dead brother, who loved her the most, and that now his soul won’t be able to rest in peace. He throws the mangalsutra on the floor, and storms off. All leave except for suket. She tries to go to him, but he leaves too. Suket decides to break every kind relations with Avni and refuses to accept her as his daughter. He tells in front of Abhay dead picture that he confesses in front of god today, that his daughter, Avni is dead. Avni tries to come to him, but he stops her with his hand. Avni is hurt and distraught. She gets extremely upset and is furious with Raj for sending the lawyer to her house.

At Raj’s residence, while Raj is tensed for what he did, Virat tries to assure him that he did the right thing, and he would help him recover just like he did with Vikram. Raj says that his love made her do what he did for Avni, and that the love is long gone, but now he only has hatred for her, and that he hates her, and that they both will enjoy their independance, and now when he comes face to face with her, she would only face his hatred.

At Avni’s residence, Avni tries her best to convince her family to forgive her but in vain and things go from bad to worse for Avni as she gets disowned by her entire family, except for Bhavna as they keep their doors slammed shut on her. She wishes that she should have died, instead of her brother Abhay, lamenting at his dead picture.

Suket is extremely furious with Avni and he asks her to leave the house. Avni seeing that all her attempts to convince her father has failed, decides to leave the house.

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