Kundali Bhagya Episode 3 Update on Wednesday 29th November 2017


Preita wonders what’s in her story further, why fate brought her to this new family.
There comes a huge crowd rushing towards them, Shistri asks a girl who tells her about a nearby stadium. The match just ended, and the one and only star Karan won. Shistri was excited to go and see. At the stadium. Shistri insists on Preita to see the man swirling his jacket, he may seems to be Karam. Karan throws his jacket towards the crowd. Shistri calls him hot, Preita calls it uncool and misbehavior as he has been drinking in the crowd and went shirtless.
Karan gets into his jeep and leaves with the escort. Shistri runs behind it, a car passes by her in high speed. Preita comes to save her but was hit by another car. She fell down injured. Shistra gets the driver clutching his collar. The driver
explains his boss was in the jeep going there, he pleads as his boss must be waiting and nothing is important for him than his boss. They get Preita into the car anyway. Preita faints. Shistri stops by a medical store and goes to get water. Karan comes there and scolds the driver for not being in time again. He doesn’t listen to driver’s story and takes the car. Shistri gets the driver into auto and leaves for Bandra.
In the car, two girls sat with Karan complimenting his play. The girls fight to be his girlfriend. Karan says both can be. Preita wakes up at once. The car stops with a jerk, Preita sits up hiding her face and asks who is he, where they and what are is she doing here. Karan asks who she is. Karan asks if it’s her car, or hers? Should he present some papers? Preita gets down the car and takes her luggage down, then remembers about the accident. She stops Karan and reminds him of the accident, he was about to kill her and is now running away. Karan remembers his driver’s story and hands a bundle of money to Preita and flew. Shistra had reached and hugs Preita. Preita complains about the character of Karan Lutra and says he was prince charming of many. They have tea at a stall nearby. Shistra was excited about all the happenings, she says at least they got money and one of their tension was relieved. They head to look for hotel to stay. The stall man guides them about the way of hotel. Shistri gives up on walking halfway.
Halfway down the lane, Preita panics as a strange man comes stalking them. Shistra holds a wooden rod nearby and makes him run away. She boasts about being her security person. The girls were going down the lane when a few drunken men appear from a hut nearby. Soon a car stops between them and the drunken men. Abhi Mehra was inside and offers a lift to them. The girls get inside without a second thought. Inside the car, Shistra exclaims out of excitement as she is his huge fan. Preita thanks Abhi for helping them, Abhi says God sent them at the right place at right time. Shistra requests him to sing his happy love song live for a second. Abhi asks if he must play radio, Shistri requests to sing it alive. Abhi begins. He asks where to drop them, Preita asks to drop them at some minor hotel; they have come to Mumbai today and will find a rental accommodation in the morning. Abhi thinks Sarla wants to rent Pragya’s room and offers to take the girls to a safe place. The girls agree.
PRECAP: Dadi asks Sarla not to cry. Sarla says she was crying about her daughters she lost. Sarla shows the room to Preita and Shistri and says its her daughter, Pragya’s room. Preita was moved to hear this. The next day, Sarla finds the photo of Raghubir with the girls and wonders if these are her daughters?


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