Hello Pratibha Episode 121–122 Update on Wednesday 29th November 2017


EPISODE      121     –     122

Pratibha’s mother helps her daughter in the kitchen to ease Pratibha’s work load. Pratibha asks her mother to work hurriedly as time is running. Pratibha’s father is keeping an eye on Kaashi but at the same time, Kaashi shows up at the scene and thinks that Pratibha is taking the help from her parents. Pratibha’s father is unaware that Kaashi comes from behind him. Kaashi finds some vessels covered with paper and calls Pratibha and says she is being cunning in her house. She speculates them to be having the vegetables cut by Pratibha’s mother and say Sushma had covered the vegetables with newspaper and tells Pratibha’s mother that she didn’t expect this from her and asks couldn’t she control herself from her motherhood. Kaashi goes to uncovers the paper but finds it to be empty. Everyone is shocked to see the empty bowls under it. Sushma winks at Pratibha, Sushma and Pratibha’s father leave from the kitchen. Kaashi says she can tell by first bite if the food has been cooked by Pratibha or someone else. Kaashi then tells Pratibha to prepare the food for the Brahman, who would be coming to their home and tells her that 20 minutes are only left for her work. While in the room, Pratibha’s father asks Sushma where she hid the plate in such urgency. Sushma says she put that into the drawer nearby. Pratibha’s husband says he wonders what is the problem with Kaashi, and why she can’t let a mother help her daughter. Sushma says she will give the plate to Pratibha now but Pratibha’s father says he will give it to her and that no one will suspect him.
Kaashi scolds Sunidhi for getting made her joke. She says she is not only an enemy with Pratibha but the trio. Sunidhi thinks she may not be fooled by Pratibha’s parents. Bubu comes there, Sunidhi, on the other hand, devises a plan to put Pratibha in trouble and thinks Bubu might help her. She asks Bubu to go to Pratibha and insist on her to go to have ice cream. It was about time, Pratibha says it has been done in time. Bubu comes to Pratibha and asks to go out. Pratibha asks him for only ten minutes. Sunidhi says alright, she will take him. But Pratibha says she can’t permit Sunidhi to take him out, and she should wait for ten minutes more. Sunidhi says then she must take care of Bubu herself, and that she is leaving. Sunidhi goes away, Pratibha makes Bubu sit on the table for a while but Bubu insists, Pratibha takes Bubu out to play for a while. She watches the Brahmans arrive and is worried that Besan Kay Laddu aren’t ready yet. Pratibha welcomes the Pundit’s, they say they can only bless Pratibha after the Prasad. Kaashi comes out and asks Pratibha if it is already. Pratibha says she will just come inside, she tells Bubu to keep playing here she will send grandpa outside. Inside Pratibha sends her father outside to take care of Bubu.

Pratibha serves every pundit and, they pray together. One of them notices that Besan k Laddu are not ready. Pratibha says they will serve sweet for sure, and they have them prepared. Pratibha takes Kaashi aside and says she won’t let her have any complaint. She goes to the kitchen. Kaashi stops Sushma saying she is a guest and should stay here. In the kitchen Pratibha tries to light the stove but it doesn’t light up, she gets worried saying the cylinder gas has finish and wonders what she will do now. She thinks what sweet she can prepare without gas in such a little time.
Kaashi asks the Pundit’s if they like the food. They ask for sweet. Kaashi says Pratibha must be bringing them right away. She calls Pratibha while Pratibha prepared the sweet. Kaashi complaints to Sushma that if her daughter ever listen to her in the first call and there must be no problem in her life. Pratibha opens the microwave oven and burns her hand. The Brahmans were about to leave when Pratibha brings the sweet and apologizes. The Brahman’s make face at the sweet, and one of them complains that these aren’t Besan K Laddu. Pratibha asks them to taste it for once, that she is sure they will like it. The Brahman’s takes a bite of the sweet, Kaashi asks Pratibha didn’t she ask them for Besan K Laddu but the Brahman says this sweet was also very tasty. Pratibha says she will bring more for them, but they stop her and bless her for peace at her home. They take leave from them.

Pratibha watches Bubu’s horse empty outside and wonders where has Bubu gone. She gets worried watching her father bringing ball from inside, she panics and asks him if Bubu isn’t there. Pratibha and her father comes out, he tells Pratibha to look around for her while he goes out calling Bubu. Sushma also comes out, Pratibha who discovers that Bonus is missing says Bubu is nowhere around. Sushma and Pratibha leaves home to look for Bubu. In the house, Kaashi asks Pratibha’s father where everyone is. He doesn’t speak anything. Kaashi finds Pratibha’s father to be worried about something serious. When she asks him the reason, she gets startled to learn that Bubu is missing in the house. Meanwhile, Bubu is lay in a dark room.

Pratibha’s father tells Kaashi that Bubu is missing. On the other hand, Pratibha and her mother search for Bubu in the nearest places asking the people around about Bubu and goes calling him on streets. Pratibha watches Bubu coming towards her playing with a ball, she runs towards him and hugs him. A lady stands there and asks what is she doing as this is her child. Pratibha looks again to see it was some other child. She cries for Bubu as all their attempts fail and they are unable to get a hint of Bubu.

 At home, a crying Pratibha calls Mahen and tells him about it that, Bubu is missing. Kaashi informs Sanjeev about Bubu. Kaashi informs the same to Sundihi, who gets flabbergasted on hearing the news. Everyone had gathered together, Pratibha cried and apologized to Sanjeev and asked Mahen to bring Bubu to her. Sanjeev asks where they will find him, he is worried where his son will be. Pratibha’s father blames himself and apologizes saying he should not have left him alone. Kaashi is also crying and tells Pratibha that this isn’t the right time but it has been because of her; she told her that she won’t take care of all the matters at home but she didn’t forgive Sunidhi, and they will have to pay huge price if something wrong happens. Pratibha cries. Mahen tells his mother this is not the time to blame each other, and that right now they have to look for Bubu. Sunidhi comes rushing to Mahen’s home all fumed up and yelling, asking where her Bubu is. She comes to Pratibha straight and asks where her Bubu is. Pratibha apologize to Sunidhi, that she couldn’t take care of him. Sunidhi says she doesn’t want any explanations and she just need her child. She says she snatched Bubu’s mother from him first and now his family as well and asks why did she do this all. This is why she take his responsibility? She tells Pratibha she always take care of everything and asks how could she be irresponsible towards Bubu. She asks if Pratibha is taking a revenge from her. A speechless Pratibha says she knows she has mistaken, but Sunidhi says she will never forgive her as she has left her child because of her. She goes to Mahen and says he has always been fair and just, and asks what punishment he will give Pratibha for this mistake, if he will send her out of the house or hand her over to police? She also did the same mistake as hers. She jerks him, saying she lost her child because of her. Sunidhi is yelling and faints at once, Sanjeev tries to wake her up. She opens her eyes, Sanjeev asks if she is alright. The kidnapper calls Sunidhi’s mother and says he has kidnapped the child for a long time now. She tells him to take care of Bubu as much as possible. She says Sunidhi will make such a drama over there and prove Pratibha is not worth taking care of Bubu.

The police man tells Mahen to bring Bubu’s photo, it may be a good news that they didn’t receive any call for money, and that he might not be kidnapped and might have gone out.
Pratibha is crying, while her father curses himself. Pratibha says had she been there in his place, she would also have come inside to bring the ball. She gets Mahen’s call that he has brought Bubu’s photograph. Pratibha heads to go outside, and finds a paper on the floor. There is a house address written on a ware house slip. She fears if someone kidnapped Bubu. Pratibha gets a clue as to where Bubu was taken. She immediately calls Mahen and tells him to come and meet her on Durga ware house as soon as possible, that she will tell him there about it. Back in the room, Sunidhi pleads Sanjeev to go and find Bubu and claim that she is fine. He says he promises her to bring Bubu to her wherever he will be.

Meanwhile, Bubu played in the store room and asks the kidnappers for Bubu. Both the men curse themselves for kidnapping the child. Pratibha arrive at the back of the warehouse, Mahen also reach there and then, he asks why she called him here. Pratibha shows him the chit, he reads it. The kidnappers brings ice cream for Bubu. They watch Mahen and Pratibha arrive, one of them calls Sunidhi’s mom and tells her that Mahen and Pratibha have arrived, and asks what to do. The kidnappers had shut Bubu’s mouth and hid under the boxes as Pratibha and Mahen called out to Bubu. Pratibha says no one is visible here, and this means Bubu is not kidnapped, she suggests they should go out and look for Bubu. On the other hand, Sunidhi asks Sanjeev not to care for doctor, and that her treatment is not as important as Bubu. Kaashi brings the doctor, she inform the doctor that Sunidhi had fainted. The doctor asks how such weakness came to her. Pratibha watches Bubu sitting on the car’s bonut eating ice cream. Mahen and Pratibha come to him, Mahen asks the ice cream vendor who bought him ice cream. The vendor says he doesn’t know about it, Pratibha insists upon going back home, as someone might have bought him ice cream.
The doctor checks on Sunidhi and tells them to take care of Sunidhi as much as possible because stress in such a condition is neither good for mother nor for the baby to be born. They are shocked.

Sunidhi is then attended by the doctor who claims that Sunidhi is pregnant and requires the utmost care at this stage of her life. Sunidhi is shocked to hear about her pregnancy herself and now that she gets aware of her pregnancy, she decides to use this information to gain entry into the house and thinks now Pratibha will bring her back to her home. She begins to cry loud and says the child to be will also suffer what Bubu has. Sanjeev tells her to take rest and he will find Bubu. Bubu stand with Mahen and Pratibha and calls Pratibha’s mother and father. Sunidhi thinks this Pratibha is really a spy, she goes and hugs Bubu caressing him. Sunidhi, who decide to uses her current state to return to Sanjeev’s home tells Sanjeev that she is begging him today to take her child with her. Sanjeev looks at Mahen. Kaashi, who was witnessing this says now only what she is saying will happen and she won’t let her expecting daughter in-law step out of the house and orders both Mahen and Sanjeev that Sunidhi would return back home as she is pregnant and requires the support of her husband. Sanjeev tells Mahen that they just came to know about it. Sunidhi asks what is the need of it all and, it is better she get an abortion, and she doesn’t want this child to come to this world. A concern Pratibha asks how she can say so, and warn her never to talk about abortion again. She will forget whatever happened, and they should look into the future. She tells Mahen that his mother is right, and they should allow Sunidhi back into the house. Mahen leaves without saying anything. Sunidhi cries.

Pratibha goes behind Mahen and stops him asking him to listen to her. She says Sunidhi is pregnant, and they have to allow her live in this house. Mahen asks if she doesn’t know what Sunidhi did. Pratibha says what difference will be left between them and Sunidhi if they let her go away. Sanjeev comes there and says he himself is afraid about Sunidhi’s stay here, but he can’t leave her in such a conditions. Pratibha says now the situation is different, and they will keep her here with her. Mahen says alright Sunidhi can stay in this house, but on the condition that Sunidhi will have to change her manners else he will himself push her out. Sanjeev says he will take care of Sunidhi and just needs their help. Pratibha assures him, he thanks Mahen and goes inside.

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