Timeless Love Episode 22 Update on Tuesday 28th November 2017

TUESDAY UPDATE ON TIMELESS LOVE – EPISODE 22showing  monday-friday [7:30pm] on #GHOnewe pick up with Gonzalo literally picking Regina up to carry her into the casa. Antonio strolls over just in time to see Gonzo holding Regi in his arms. The rest of the group is left to share awkward glances as Doña Cata explains that Regi was stabbed but Tony’s gift ended up saving her life. “You and my granddaughter saved Regi from that thug!” Cata pointedly tells Gonzo that Tony is Regi’s novio.Gonzo introduces himself to Tony and hands Regi over to him like a sack of potatoes. Guys, stop man-handling the stab victim! Tony carries Regi into the house. Gonzo tells Cata that they (meaning him and Matias) didn’t mean to be imprudent, they were just stopping by to see if Regi needed help. Doña Cata thanks them for their concern. Coni tells hermano Gonzo just how close Regi was to death but thankfully the attacker failed. (And will be livid when she finds out.) Gonzo gives Coni a hug, grateful that everyone is out of danger. Normally I wouldn’t have mentioned it but that statement feels like such an invitation for doom. Especially since Fina’s lawyer has been spying on the entire charade from across the street.Regi rests in bed and can’t rap her mind around why she was attacked. Maybe the stabber was after her purse or wallet and never got the chance to take it. Cata all but calls Tony a saint because his gift was in the right place at the right time. Regi thanks him for his constant support.While sitting in the airport, Gonzo thinks about Regi and their song plays. Matias comments that Regi has a very sweet look about her. A lot like Renata. D’oh!The theme song plays as Jero starts to text Renata but chickens out. I love that everyone reads their texts aloud as they type them in TelenovelaLand.Coni visits with Regi and assures her that everything will be under control at the center. She and Chema will take care of it. Regi hopes she can return the favor one day.Jero calls Agustin to tell him that he plans to return to Spain that same day. His attorney will be in touch to go over the details of the sale of the vineyard and the hacienda. Just stay away from the land and my workers until the deal is sealed. Augie will check on his investment whenever he likes, plus Jero’s workers were not very pleasant people. Regardless, Augie agrees to respect them and leaves an open invitation for Jero to visit if he ever returns. Jero doubts he will ever will.Alfonsina and Karina walk along the docks, eating ice cream and chatting. Alfi would love to live where Kari does, since the Doctorcito has everything. (Except manners, class, and the ability to turn down a drink.) Karina shrugs and agrees. She also mentions that the Doctor admires Alfi for all her hard work. Alfi looks pensive.Matilde and Amelia (I think?) chat about Lazaro while whipping up a cake. Laz has been working himself to the bone since he was a boy, so it’s about time his work has paid off so well. They both hope Laz can get a better job now that he has a degree. Amelia asks Mati what she’s going to do with all of Rafa’s things. She wants to keep them, unlike Jero El Horroroso. “He will regret selling the hacienda. Mark my words.”Daniel calls Renata out for not paying attention during their business chat. He tells her she should get some rest since she looks tired.Jero leaves a message on Regi’s voicemail that he’s leaving on a jet plane for Spain. “You are right, Regina. I can’t go on with this revenge. (!!!) Renata interests me too much. But if I don’t leave now, I might lose the courage to do it.”The maid tells Roberta about Fina’s run-in with a knife at her cooking lesson. “Since when did my madre take cooking lessons?” Rob asks. The maid says today was Fina’s first and last lesson. Ha!Jero calls Rob to tell her he’s leaving. Renata overhears Rob’s indignation that Jero is fleeing the country. He apologizes but just can’t stick around any longer.Meanwhile at Centro Regina, Constanza hangs up the office phone in frustration. Apparently people have been calling for information all day but Coni has no idea what to tell them. Chema cheers her up by saying “Hey, at least they know they’ll be able to get more answers tomorrow!” Coni gets another call and recognizes the voice on the other line but can’t place it.Regi tells Tony that it would be pointless to go to the police about her attacker. She never got a good look at him and will never be able to tell who it was. Tony wonders if it could have had something to do with the mysterious woman who had called Regi for help. Regi shrugs. She just wants to move forward now that she has a renewed desire to find her hija. Tony says his bullfighting match in Spain went well, he just wishes Regi had been there. Regi apologizes for how mixed up her life has become. “You’re also very mixed up with the Monterrubios.” Says Tony. Kisses, well-wishes, hasta mañana.Fina gives an award-winning evil glare as she remembers trying to kill Regina.Fina replays the stabbing in her mind, obviously things did not go according to plan. “If it hadn’t been for Constanza!” She thinks. “No, no. I can’t doubt myself. I’m sure I killed you (Regina). And news of your death will be public soon enough.” On that happy thought, Fina gets a call from Lic. Soto – he has very interesting news for her about Regi but wants to tell her in person. Dude, why? I wouldn’t touch Fina with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole if I had to tell her that her bloodlust went unfulfilled.Regi hears Jero’s voicemail and then hears a sweet message Gonzo left her too. Doña Cata does not approve of Gonzo. “That man has an interest in you.”Gonzo lights up when he gets a text from Regi on his phone. Matias asks Gonzo if he liiiikes Regi. “I have never seen you so anguished as when you found out about her accident.” Gonzo neither confirms nor denies but the look on his face gives him away.Fina assures Roberta that the cut on her leg is nothing serious. Rob has a serious sad face as she tells Mami that Jero has flown the coop. “I told you so.” Fina scoffs. “When will you realize that I am never wrong?” Rob asks why all the men in her life eventually leave her. “Because you don’t know how to choose. You pick guys who can’t commit or guys who prefer your hermana.” The latter riles Roberta. “At least Jero didn’t set his sights on Renata. Or at least he didn’t have time to.” Oooh, we’re in for some ugly confrontations about this.Jero is just about to board the plane when Renata turns up behind him in line! “What are you doing here?” Jero asks. “I don’t know.” Ren says honestly. “I heard you were leaving and wanted to see you.”J: How did you know I was leaving?R: I overheard Roberta talking to you.J: Why are you here?R: To see you. To say goodbye.J: Matias wouldn’t like it very much if he knew you came to say goodbye to me.R: Matias and I broke up.J: And you think I believe that?R: Of course. It’s the truth. We broke up this morning. You can ask him if you like.J: You didn’t break up because of me?R: No! I did it for myself. But yes, you did have a part in my decision.J: I would love to believe you but you lie so much I never know when you’re telling the truth!R: It was never my intention to lie to you. If you want to tell Matias what happened between us, do it.J: So you never told him?R: No, it was unnecessary. I want to wait until things are calmer and it won’t hurt him. But if you want to tell him, do it.J: You are incredible. You sound honest but nothing you say or do makes any sense.R: You have no idea how much I regret that you have that impression of me. Maybe this is the price I have to pay for telling you my name was Adriana.J: I *hate* liars.R: Jero, let me talk! Sometimes people lie to protect themselves or to get through a difficult situation. But, of course, you never lie, Don Perfecto.J (sincerely): Why did you come?R: To tell it to your face that nobody has made me feel like you do.Renata leaves and Jero makes to follow her but falters.Constanza is doing much better at offering advice over the phone and Chema congratulates her. Chema wants to stay late and help out a little more before he heads out for dinner and a movie with his madre. He and Coni flirt and discover they have the same taste in movies. Maybe they’ll see one together sometime. *Wink, Nudge*Antonio monologues in his library. “I don’t like Gonzalo. I don’t know what his intentions are but mine are serious and I want everyone to know.”Regi ponders what her madre said about Gonzo. “Could it be that what he feels is more than admiration?” She is still unsure how she feels about it.Honorio meets with a guy named Captain Quiroz and lays down the law. Hon wants to know who ordered a helicopter for the past Saturday. Captain wants to keep the identity of his clients confidential but Hon is playing hardball. “Who ordered a helicopter with a false name and paid in cash? If you piloted that copter, you are an accomplice. It would be better for you if you cooperated.” Honorio offers an envelope full of cash in exchange for a name.Padre Severino and Lazaro stroll the dock and discuss the dire situation at the hacienda. Once the place is sold, Lazaro and Matilde will have to find new jobs and a new place to live. Padre wants to discuss it with Augie and Dr. Nesme to get them to reconsider. Padre assures Lazaro that Aug and the Doc are upstanding gentleman who will surely be flexible. Karina bumps into Lazaro and they chat uncomfortably. She laments that he has to leave. “It’s your husband’s fault, Señora.” Lazaro says coldly.Ezequiel tells Agustin the crops are growing splendidly. He compliments Augie’s drawing, which is a design for a pair of earrings Augie is having made especially for the woman who is to be his wife. Zeke is thrilled they will get to know the new Patrona soon. She must be a knock-out. “She isn’t my novia yet,” says Agustin. “But she will be.” Err…Mr. Inappropriate candidate?Jero restlessly flips through a magazine at the airport. He calls Matias and asks-without-asking about his relationship with Renata. Matias tells the cold, hard truth. “Renata does not love me. She was very clear and never led me on. But every day it hurts. Now that I have found the love of my life, it is unrequited.”Adriana happily offers Renata a cup of coffee and can’t wait to get back to work the following day. They have some good, old fashioned girl talk. Ren tells Adri about meeting Jero. She poured out her heart but he left anyway. Renata admits she is profoundly in love.Ay, dios mio. I hope you still have a few leftover tissues from last week. Ines and Isidro sit down with the doctor in hopes of good news about Andres’s health. The doctor tells them the exact opposite: Andrescito has leukemia. Ines sobs and refuses to believe it. The doctor recommends that they get a second opinion and consult a specialist. Isidro holds Ines as she desperately cries that it can’t be true.Fina and Soto sit in her eerily dark office. Soto tells Fina that Regina is alive. Fina nearly jumps out of her seat in surprise but the cut on her leg forces her to sit back down. Serves her right! Anyway, Soto heard that Regi survived because Constanza called for help and Regi was rushed to the hospital. He saw Regi’s happy homecoming. “Your marido, Don Gonzalo, was there. He was waiting for Regi and he carried her out of the car.” Steam practically rises off of Fina.Constanza arrives home to find that Honorio already took care of dinner. She asks what happened about the helicopter but we quickly cut back to Fina.Soto understands that Regi is a threat in Fina’s life. In tears, Fina furiously tells Soto that Regi is dangerous. “She is seducing my marido with her compassion and generosity.” Soto leaves Fina in peace but gives her some paperwork from Jero. Fina, full of malice, cries that Regi should be dead and buried by now.Gonzo tries to cheer up a hang-dog Matias at dinner. Mat knows he needs to move on and, in time, will feel better.Renata returns home and a maid tells her about Fina’s “cooking” accident.Roberta runs to the bathroom to throw up just as Fina enters her room. Fina looks at Rob’s cell phone and sees an incriminating text from Selene. “Are you pregnant, Roberta?!” Fina demands.Avances: “After this monday, a crucial stage begins!” So sayeth the voiceover. Fina slaps Rob, Fina pulls a gun out of a safe, Renata and Jero run into each other in traffic, and Rob and Matias catch Ren and Jero kissing (though they might be tricking us with the editing on that one).
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