Love Happens Episode 64–66 Update on Tuesday 28th November 2017

TUESDAY UPDATE ON LOVE HAPPENSEPISODE        64     –     66Rahul asks Raghu to convince Aanya to accept his proposal. With a heavy heart, Raghu assures Rahul that he will do his best to convince Aanya. Later, Aanya tells Raghu to help her make the decision as she is very confused and does not know whether she loves Rahul or not. Raghu advises her to listen to her heart. Isha, who is feeling very jealous of Aanya, meets Rahul and instigates him against Aanya. However, she curses her fate when Rahul pays no heed. Bhola meets Raghu and urges him to express his feelings to Aanya, but Raghu asserts that he is no match for Aanya. Later, while talking to Raghu, Rahul gets shocked when he senses that Raghu discreetly loves Aanya.GD and Debbie get excited upon learning that Rahul intends to marry Aanya. GD tells Aanya that she should utilise this opportunity because her alliance with Rahul can help them get their lost pride back. However, Aanya tells them that she has not yet taken any decision. Later, Rahul is shocked when he realises that Aanya and Raghu’s likes and dislikes are quite similar. Meanwhile, Isha compels Bhola to wear a western outfit, much to Raghu and Aanya’s dismay. Finally, Rahul gets convinced that Raghu really loves Aanya.
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