Veera Episode 748–749 Update on Tuesday 28th November 2017

TUESDAY UPDATE ON VEERA – EPISODE 748–749The Episode starts with Preeto saying she will do all the work, just she wants the land. The sahukar says you will become my maid, everyone knows I m a creep, but I m ready to deal with you. She says thanks. He says he will help her, he is not taking advantage of her helplessness, everyone would not wish to make her troubled, as she is beautiful. He says I don’t want you to do farming, you can’t do this. Veera thinks Preeto has bear a lot, I will not move back and fight with the sahukar. She is on the way. The man asks Preeto to do what she is good at. He asks did she understand, and asks her to become his for one night, he will relieve her troubles. She cries and asks what is she saying.He asks don’t she want to clear the loans, he will take the land and also the house. He says what I say, I do and smiles. She cries and leaves. Veera comes there and sees her leaving. He asks her what does she want, she took all the women to go against him. Veera slaps him. He says how dare you, do you know who am I and calls all the goons. She asks who is he, she also wants to know, she can go to panchayat, she has heard him. He asks what will she do, what will her sarpanch husband do, the pind knows they don’t have any relation. She stops the goons and asks them to move back.She says you waste all the farmer’s money, I did not know you have a devil, what did you do with a widow, you wanted to deal her respect, your dad was sahukar, and everyone used to preach him, since you came, all the problems are increasing. He says ask her Preeto what did she take loan if she did not have status to repay, I m doing business, not charity. I can recover any way, you can’t do anything. She says shut up, you don’t tell me what to do, if woman can become Sita, they can become Durga too. She warns him and leaves. He says I will make your husband beat you.Veera comes to Preeto’s home and asks the kids. The girl says she did not reach home. Veera worries. Gunjan calls Ranvi and he asks her to do shopping, he can’t come. She says you don’t have time for me. He says Geet has to rehearse. She says fine and ends call. She says she can’t wait for album release function, I will tell everyone how well I can sing. Veera looks for Preeto everywhere. She sees Preeto crying and praying, and thinks she will meet him when she has a solution. Ranvi calls Veera and invites her in the party, where Geet and he are singing. Veera thinks if she goes to city, she can’t go in party. He says its Geet’s first performance, and she will be glad if she comes. She says fine, I will come. She worries for Preeto.Gunjan comes to the venue and asks for Ranvi. She sees Ranvi and Geet together holding hands. Ranvi is pacifying Geet to relax and gives her tips. She gets irked seeing Geet. Geet says she trusts Ranvi, she does not need to be afraid when he is with her. Ranvi asks Gunjan when did she come. Gunjan says he cheated her and she still came. Geet says no, its my mistake so he was here. Ranvi compliments Gunjan’s dress and makes her smile. He goes to get ready.Veera meets Ratan and tells her about Preeto’s problem and the sahukar. Ratan curses him. Veera says we have to do something to end her problem, we should sell the grains in the market. Ratan asks her to keep trying. She pacifies Veera. They leave. Preeto cries and thinks about sahukar’s words. Deepu talks to Balwant. Manjeet says she will not go in the function, she will not support Geet. She says Deepu will be with me, and Balwant asks her to send Deepu. She refuses. Deepu cries. Baldev comes and Deepu asks him to tell Dadi that she wants to go. Manjeet says no, we won’t go.Baldev asks Manjeet not to pressurize Deepu and asks all of them to get ready, its imp day for him, he is meeting imp people as sarpanch today., Bansuri asks Manjeet to get ready. Manjeet agrees. Gunjan tells Geet that she will do touchup and she can do same seeing her. Geet applies makeup. Gunjan asks how does she know. Geet says Veera taught me. Ranvi comes and asks Geet is she ready. He sees Gunjan and says it looks she will be going on stage. She says yes, I m rockstar’s Ranvi’s wife, people will see me. She thinks she planned surprise for him and smiles.The Episode starts with Bansuri and Manjeet coming in the event. Baldev taunts Veera as he is not scared of her warnings and pressurizing things. The MLA comes and Baldev welcomes him with garlands. The MLA gives a speech. Preeto goes somewhere and the family does not know where she has gone. The girl says she did not cook anything and she is feeling hungry. Ranvi and Geet are called on the stage for the performance. Ranvi says he will call. Gunjan says she will go. Gunjan goes to her and makes her busy. She takes her phone and hides it. She locks Geet inside the room, telling her that she can come when her name is announced. Ranvi sends someone to check Geet.Geet finds the door locked. She knocks the door asking anyone to open it. Gunjan sees the man and says Geet is not here, I m coming from there, I locked the room, there is jewelry there. Geet calls for help. Ranvi says did Geet get tensed and went home, it will be big problem. Gunjan says I have an idea, it was surprise for you, I m learning to sing, I m singing well and I can sing this song with you. Ranvi is stunned. She says trust me, I have learnt from music teacher. He asks was this your surprise. She says yes, I rehearsed a lot, I worked hard. He says its stage performance. She says trust me, I can sing. He says fine, don’t get scared, I will tell you.Deepu says why is Gunjan on stage, where is my mum. Geet says she will call Ranvi and does not her phone. Ranvi welcomes the MLA. He says he will sing his first song with his wife Gunjan. Gunjan smiles and everyone clap for her. MLA says my daughter is his big fan. Ranvi starts singing. Everyone enjoy the song and smile. Gunjan sings horrible and people start laughing. Baldev and everyone get embarrass. The people call her terrible singer and ask Gunjan to stop this joke.Preeto’s mum in law looks for her, and asks the lady. The lady asks her to call Veera. MLA asks Baldev to see his sister, how badly she sung. Manjeet taunts Balwant. Ranvi says Gunjan tried well, its her first try. He asks her to call Geet, else it will be a trouble. Ranvi says there is one more song for them, and sings well to calm the people. The old lady finds Veera’s number. Geet calls for help and the man sees the lock. He asks her to move back, he is breaking the door. Geet says don’t know how I got locked. He says rush to the stage first, else program will be flopped. Geet comes there and sees Gunjan. Ranvi comes to Geet and says you have to sing today, for Deepu.He holds her hand and takes her. Bansuri and Manjeet are shocked. Gunjan cries seeing them. Geet sings well and MLA praises her. Everyone clap. Ratan and Veera see Gunjan sad and go to her. Bansuri says Gunjan has sung well better than Geet. Gunjan says leave me alone. Ratan pacifies her. Gunjan asks them to go, she wants peace. They all go. Preeto recalls the problem and her daughter’s needs not met. Preeto feels she has lost, and maybe if she dies, people will help her family.Precap:The lady calls Veera and says Preeto is missing. Veera says she will find her and looks everywhere. Preeto goes somewhere alone.
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