My Sweet Curse Episode 24 Update on Monday 27th November 2017

MONDAY UPDATE ON MY SWEET CURSE – EPISODE 24At the breakfast table, everyone compliments Aurora for her nice cooking.When Xochitl saw that everything was going in Aurora’s favor, she sarcastically tells Elsa that she saw Rodrigo and Aurora coming back to the house at midnight and so she thinks it will be better if she gets him another cup of coffee since he stayed up very late in the night and it seems they had a nice time. Elsa then becomes uneasy as well as Rodrigo and Aurora but Elsa tells Aurora to get ready because she is taking her to shopping to get her some clothes and Monica wants to go with them but Elsa refuses.Onesimo asks his subordinate Wenceslao to do him a favor, but he demands him not to tell anyone. He takes the item to Apolonia’s ranch and it seems it was a flower in a vase for Apolonia and he leaves the inscription on the vase without putting a stone on it and the inscription got blew away by the wind.Rafael asks Chalo to go with him to see Aurora and there she can speak with Monica too.Monica scolds Aurora for being alone with Rodrigo at night because that is what has caused her auntie angry.Luis tells Rodrigo that Elsa didn’t like that he and Aurora left alone at night and Rodrigo is sure of his feelings towards Aurora and he wanted to kiss her but she never was able because Aurora refused.Chalo finds the flower that Onesimo sent to Apolonia without the inscription and Rafael decides to give it to Monica.Rodrigo warns Xochitl furiously not to try bothering Aurora again because he can tell he only told his mum about the night moment because she wanted to his mum to hate Aurora but if she tries it again, he will have to content with him. Xochitl then believes that Aurora has truly bewitched Rodrigo because he’s never spoken to her like that before.Monica upon hearing that Rodrigo prefers and loves Aurora more than her and he’s dying to kiss her, she becomes furious and starts ransacking things and she gets even with his mum because she advises her to forget about Rodrigo.Rafael goes over to see Monica and he compliments to Monica about her beauty and he gives her the flower and that makes her feel a little better.Seeing how angry Elsa was, Aurora apologizes to Elsa for staying out late with Rodrigo and she explained what happened and Elsa says she loves her very much but there are rules in the house and therefor she has to follow the house rules.Monica shows the gift to her mum and Corina stressed that Monica has to forget about Rodrigo and pay attention to Rafael but she says she is not interested in him.Wenceslao’s comments to his boss Onesimo that he did the work perfectly well and Onesimo is pleased to know that.Xochitl complains to Macrina that Rodrigo scolded her for Aurora’s fault and that has never happened before and so they have to do something. Macrina then says she is going to do something that will make Elsa throw Aurora out of that ranch forever before she does any damage to Elsa and Rodrigo and the plan is she is going to make Aurora go crazy by preparing something so Xochitl will use on Aurora.Elsa shops plenty of clothes for Aurora and she looks very happy and thanks her for the clothes.Camilo finds out that Aurora lives with the Villavicencio through Ines and Boni.Severo catches Macrina taking some herbs from his property and he discovers they are herbs that causes people mad and there he detects Macrina is going to use it on Aurora.Apolonia asks father Basilio how Chalo is doing in the choir but father says he’s been pre-occupied nowadays and therefore never pay attention to the choir and Apolonia hopes her son is part of it. After she left, Father asks God to forgive him for lying because he only wanted to save Chalo from his mother’s anger.Elsa takes Aurora to the beauty parlor to make her over and she takes her through town for strol and the townsfolks begin to talk ill about her and stirring at her and this makes Aurora so afraid but Elsa encourages  Aurora to walk self-assured or walk chest out and make the town realize what she is worth and see if anyone again will talk bad about her whiles she is with her because she has nothing to be ashamed of and Aurora begins to do so.
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