December Teasers on Love Oh Love

Coming up on Love Oh Love this December 2017:Friday 1 December 2017Episode 80Arpita’s jewellery making license gets reinstated thanks to “Smile buddy”. Avni and Raj get into an argument and as a result Raj falls down the stairs. Raj and Avni finally figure out that Virat is responsible for everything that’s happened. Monday 4 December 2017Episode 81Virat confesses to taking the money but he manages to make himself look innocent. Avni and Raj manage to get Arpita, Akshay, Jashan and Madhuri on their side. Can the six of them finally put an end to Virat’s reign of terror?Tuesday 5 December 2017Episode 82It turns out that both Raj and Avni’s family kidnapped them. Savri finally accepts Raj as part of the family. Just when it looked like everything was going back to normal, Pooja gets kidnapped. Question who could be behind this and why?Wednesday 6 December 2017Episode 83Finale!The kidnapper calls and demands 10 million in cash. Savri figures out where they have kept Pooja and she sees the kidnappers faces. Virat escapes from police custody. Virat fires the gun and with both Raj and Avni in sight… who gets hit? Premiere episodes of Love Oh Love air on Zee World Mondays to Fridays at 18h00.
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